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Jun 18, 2021

Zucchini in Abundance


One of my girlfriends gifted Mr. Cowboy & me with several large zucchini......OMG...... I was over the moon but only knew one way to cook them. So Google came in handy with an oven recipe.  There are several recipes to choose from. I use the one with Parmesan cheese.
Let's just say yummy doesn't even describe the tastiness.
Hope those of you who still have your dads around or granddads.....have a happy Father's Day weekend!


Gene Black said...

I love zucchini. I have a low carb (no sugar) lemon loaf recipe that I use it in. Although sometimes I leave out the lemon and add cocoa and make it a nice rich chocolate cake.

FYI I substitute a different sweetener when I make it..that one listed is too expensive.

Needled Mom said...

Yum. They look delicious.

Susan said...

Oh, those look delicious and I will have to try mine that way when they are ready. Often, I slice them lengthwise, sprinkle with a seasoning salt from a local BBQ place and grill them on foil next to the steaks, outside on the deck. Outside gives them a special flavoring. LOL What a great neighbor! Our planting season starts late, so my biggest one is only 5 inches long. It might make it to six before I whack it off and make Parmesan rounds in the oven!

Marie said...

Hey Rhonda,
I love zucchini most anyway you can fix it. When we had a garden that was always in it and plentiful! I miss hearing from you, hope your doing well and Mr. Cowboy too! Hugs and blessings, Marie


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