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May 23, 2021

I Blinked And....


I blinked and they grew up! OMG!!!! 
Since Covid-19 came into our lives I hadn't seen my little people for over a year. And now some of them aren't little anymore. They all had hugs and kisses for GoGo and I love every precious moment.
We played Connect-4.....I lost numerous times. We talked in the pasture to visit the two bulls who were not impressed because we failed to bring cookies (AKA - range cubes); Austin stalked the humming birds with little success and finally they played in the rock pile that Mr. Cowboy hasn't finished spreading.
The boys haven't changed that much.....maybe a bit stouter....hehehehehehehe!  One has been working in another state but is back for good I hope.
And my daughter-in-law is looking great. I am truly blessed!
We all pigged out on burgers, hotdogs chips, pickles and sweet tea.
I baked three pecan pies. One for the day and other two went to each son. Now GoGo is about to crash on the sofa after all that clean-up.
Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend next week. 
Mine came early.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I agree - they grow SO fast - and I think we all tend to get a bit stouter - LOL - ;))

diane said...

Nice pic of all the younsters. They just keep on growing to our surprise sometimes.
They all look so happy to see you. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

Gene Black said...

It is amazing how they grow up so quickly. (of course to them it seems so slow.) You have a beautiful family, Rhonda. Those grandkids are adorable.

Needled Mom said...

How lovely that you were able to get together again! A lot changes in a year. They grow up too quickly anyway. That Connect 4 is a wicked game. (No pop up today. Yay!)

Rhonda said...

Thanks everyone for your warm comments. I’m resting up for the next visit in November.....hehehe!

Susan said...

I agree - they just became different people in that year! But it sounds like you still had a great time, especially if you were that tired! LOL


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