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Mar 27, 2013

A Bridge Too Far

Well, actually it's a crossing but very scary. Have I mentioned that I don't like bridges!  If you're wondering why I'm posting about this particular photo, let me just say that across that planked bridge is little "Buzzard Bait/Sugar & Cream," the calf.
Some of you may remember her plight and shaky start to life.
Click HERE if you'd like to read all about it.
So where was I? On yea.....She'd somehow gotten away from her mother and is now lost. Where is her mom you ask???? Her attention is  busily munching on bales of hay with the those heifers. It fell to me to shoo little Buzzard Bait back towards her mommy.
OMG, are you kidding me!!!!
This is not happening. Did I mention that I really don't like to get involved with cows and babies.  I parked the Jeep and walked over the bridge. Sorry, no photos of the walking across said planked bridge but I know you can use your imaginations on this one. 
Finally, I m' safely across but where is that pesky calf?? In the underbrush, way back in that thicket stands little Buzzard Bait staring at me.
Did I mention that I don't like tight spaces! 
Needless to say, I lost my cap, dropped my glasses, nearly stepped on them and wound up with several scratches before little Buzzard Bait bolted for the herd. It's very difficult to get sand off the lenses of one's glasses.
She went straight for her momma and the milk. I'll retrieve my cap another day, cause I'm headed for the house and a nice long very hot bath! Where's I park that Jeep?
I'm okay, really!
 After I recouped and downed a couple of aspirin, I got busy on a mug rug that I'd been playing around with. I love green fabrics and have loads of scraps laying around waiting for a project. Decided to do a turtle. 
Seaweed or Kelp

Turtle pre-stitching faze

After stitching.
 Now all that's left is the quilting. This little guy will appear in one of my
Thursday give aways very soon.
Hope everyone is having a peaceful week rather than the type of strenuous time I've had.


Gene Black said...

I have a friend who would LOVE that turtle mug rug...I may have to make one for her.

Karendianne said...

How on earth you still had energy for creativity (love it) after herding back Buzzard Bait I'll never know. I can't remember if I mentioned I grew up with cattle so your stories are truly truly enjoyed!

Needled Mom said...

You poor thing. Dark places give me the goosebumps too, but that crossing??? Oh dear.

I LOVE the turtle. Great colors and design.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Would it be OK if I print out the turtle to make a mug rug for someone? I know someone who is a turtle lover and they would go nuts with a little mug rug with a turtle on it.

I enjoy your stories about little Buzzard Bait. :)


Gari in AL said...

Wow, we should send you out in the brush more often, it seems to just spur your creativity!


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