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Dec 8, 2018

More Tangent

I made another soaring eagle using brown tones.

On to the next one. I love making the beaks & eyes. The little details are so important.
Hummmmm. It needs something more.
I like this much better. I'll need to add a tiny white dot in the eye later!!

Dec 2, 2018

Another Tangent

As you've by now guessed, I love eagles and any chance I get, I love to play around with fabric making my interpretation of their majestic bodies. So I'll be making a small-ish quilt (45" to 60") from these beauties. I need to make a few more before deciding on placement but I'm sure Mr. Cowboy will need help with the feeding and such before I can get to do much more at this point. BTW, all the eagles, so far come from my scraps of fabric which seems to be growing instead to disappearing.....huummmmmm!!
Many thanks to the bloggers who responded to "One Of My Favorite Things.....NOT!! It was about binding quilts.
  • Joyce commented that she doesn't like the cutting process of quilting.
  • Mary commented that she didn't like the cutting when dealing with garment sewing.
  • Barb doesn't like to stitch the one line of pieces one after the other.
  • And Gene doesn't care for binding either.
Then there was my post about the Word Cloud or Old Dog New Trick. Thanks to Mary, Gene and Magpie for your warm comments. I am looking forward to doing more "word cloud" in the near future.

Nov 29, 2018

One Of My Favorite Things...

Binding quilts, not at all my favorite thing to do but, alas, it's a must. What is one of your not favorite things to do when it comes to quilting?

Nov 25, 2018

Old Dog - New Trick

So I was channel surfing this morning, can't remember which show but they mentioned something called "word cloud" and showed a pic of one. I was instantly interested and grabbed the old computer and googled it.
 Back story, I'd seen many of these kinds of things but never heard the name or been able to find anyone who knew how they were made. 
Google had several youtube videos on the subject and after watching a couple I learned that it was easy (well not for me. I had to watch the videos MANY times, gave up, used my iPad to pull them up so I could figure things out step by step with the computer right beside). I was in luck because I have Microsoft Word and PowerPoint programs which I use quite often. This was great!!!
Starting and stopping the video helped me to upload the necessary program to get started with my word cloud and above is my first finished one. I am so proud of this old dog who learned a new trick.
What's your old dog/new trick story? I love to hear from you.

Nov 17, 2018

Apple Waldorf Salad

 Here's one of my favorites at
Thanksgiving. I remember Grandma serving this salad and my brother and I gobbling it up....no pun intended.  I'll be making this is a couple of days for the family.
  1. Six Delicious  apples, diced
  2. Two diced celery sticks
  3. Seedless grapes
  4. One cup of diced pecans
  5. 1/2 to 1 cup of Greek yogurt
  6. Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate. Will last for three to four days if you're lucky.
  7. Serves family of 4 to 6
  8. If you have a large gathering, double or triple this recipe.

Nov 12, 2018

Finished The Top

Sorry about the angles & the strange coloration. My error I'm sure. Anyway, I was on a roll this morning & just couldn't stop. This is a surprise for a veteran so I really need to finish it.
Now to get it quilted.

Nov 9, 2018

A Bit of Progress

I did a bit of sewing today but of course once things got to going life stepped in and it was time to cook dinner. Where does the time go? Hopefully I'll get back to this tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!!

Nov 5, 2018

Retreat, Then Home

This past weekend, my Wacky group went on retreat. We decided to only bring hand work. For two and a half days we stitched and laughed and ate. When I arrived home Mr. Cowboy asked to see what I'd accomplished. I showed him my progress. Needless to say, he was stunned at the small amount of done....hehehehehehehehe. I told him not to worry about it if he wanted his dinner...;-]

A girlfriend asked me to make her a small quilt for a veteran in her area. I'd been looking at this eagle for awhile so I dug in my stash for a background and got started.

This sky fabric is perfect.

All the inners were carefully cut out. This took quite a bit of time, by the way.

And here it is pressed onto the sky fabric.  More to come in a few days!!

Nov 3, 2018


Nope, this is not a strange far away planet. It's a mushroom. I love finding them in my yard.
We had a cold snap here a few weeks ago so the leaves had sped up their color changes. Nature is awesome!! What's happening in your yard?

Oct 31, 2018

Be Safe

For those who celebrate Halloween, be safe out there & have fun!!

Oct 29, 2018

Remember This Mini?

Back in June I designed & made this block to send off for Mr. Cowboy's soil/water conservation group.

It was added to other counties & into a great quilt. Mr. Cowboy is pointing proudly to our block.
The quilt is a big one so this was as close as I could get for a photo of the whole thing.

Oct 24, 2018

More Backgrounds for Moose





Many thanks to the left-handed quilter, Gene, Linda, and Mary for your opinions on the moose backgrounds. I always appreciate your help. Mr. Cowboy wanted me to audition more fabrics but secretly I think he likes to make suggestions on colors but doesn't me to discover that he's into the process.
Anyway, here's more takes on backgrounds. Your thoughts please!!

Oct 22, 2018

Change of Plans - Finally & A Moose to Boot

I've been saving the fabric for the largest pumpkin for quite some time & I'm happy with the choice.

I like this arrangement & will get it quilted soon for Thanksgiving anyway....laugh out loud! 
As you all know me so well, you know that my attention span is very short. So when I found a photo of a moose, I just had to put my spin on it.

After tracing the moose design onto fabric adhesive then pressing that onto black fabric, it was time to cut out parts of the center.
Here's a view from the front side.
Back to cutting with tiny scissors, of course.
Finally all done with the cutting. Now on to auditioning background.
#1 - what are your thoughts?
#2 - Any thoughts?
#3 - Help me out friends!!! 
Or should I find another fabric background?

Oct 19, 2018

Overcast But Doable

So far we've had at least 5 inches of rain be for the past couple of days my cousin James and I were able to do a bit of fence clearing. What you're looking at is years of berry vines that have woven themselves into a line of fence near my house.
James used his chain saw to cut through the "arm" thick vines, I kid you not, while I pulled and dragged them away from the fence. This was the perfect time to clear fence because it's cool here so no wasp or yellow jackets are nesting in the vines and no snakes either. I did have my shotgun ready and wasp spray, of course......wink!!

Wow, I can see clearly now.....LOL!!

This is the back of James' trailer with one load of vines. He made five trips to the burn pile. I'm so glad that's over. Now, back to moving bales of hay......sigh!!

Oct 15, 2018

Busy Me

I've been very busy lately with hay season winding down, creating & maintaining a web page for our community center, aiding in sponsoring a community-wide luncheon on Saturday & just finished up with my church's annual homecoming service. Mrs. B. & I posed for a quick photo amid the celebration. Whew! I'm exhausted but happy everything went well. What's happening in your world? I'd love to hear from you.

Oct 9, 2018

Change of Plans - Part 2

The second pumpkin is almost ready to take its place. I'm running low on orange fabric. You know what that means...wink!


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