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Apr 24, 2018

New Printer, Oh Bother

Under that cap is Mr. Cowboy's powerful brain churning away......LOL.....I'm laughing a bit but it's true. Here's the short of it...
The other week my old printer played out. I loved that printer, the HP J4680 Office Jet All-in-one. It did everything I needed done and I was use to it.  Enter the new printer, the HP 3830 Office Jet.
Did you know that now days these things don't really come with instructions other than how to plug it in and the hoop up to wireless.  So it took a couple of days to find out where the paper should go. Another day to connect to wireless and still another to KIND OF get use to printing from my computer and from the flatbed tray.
That's not the worst. I needed to enlarge a photo. Let's just say that I used up most of the black ink in unsuccessful endeavor. I was nearly in tears when Mr. Cowboy ambled into my world, took one look at me and asked what was wrong. I told him the problem and he promptly said that he knew how to enlarge the photo.
Of course I did not for one moment believe him so he marched me back to the printer and helped me step by step enlarge the photo. Every once and awhile I looked over to see him frown a bit or narrow his eyes. I could almost see steam coming from his ears but in a matter of minutes I had two enlarged photos to work with.  Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. He just smiled and walked away.
Let me tell you, the man can hardly fix his own breakfast without messing up all the pot and pan in the kitchen. How he figured out how to enlarge that photo, I'll never know but I am so glad he helped me out. So here's to Mr. Cowboy's printer skills.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My Terry is like that. It drives me crazy that he puts things together without the step by step instructions or starts pushing buttons without knowing before hand what they do. BUT, he always gets to the solution that was elusive to me.
xx, Carol

Gene Black said...

Mr Cowboy has the gift of seeing how the engineer thinks. Cherish that.

Joyce Carter said...

You are so lucky to have a guy who can help you out with your printer. My hubby knows about electricity, but nothing about computers and the like. I have to wait for my grandson to come to help me or figure it out for myself. Sometimes I do amaze myself and learn how to do stuff on my own.LOL

Needled Mom said...

It's a dreadful day around here when anything needs to be replaced. I'm the techy-ist in the household and that's not saying much. Glad to hear you are up and printing again.

co coya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ha, I could have used him a couple of months ago when I had to go through the same thing! All I wanted was exactly what I had before, but that wasn't going to happen. I still don't have scanning ability, and it still doesn't talk to the computer about something or other, but I can make copies and I can print from my computer, so I guess I will be happy with that. I think it did help when I threatened to throw it off the back deck. =)


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