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Feb 8, 2016

Nuts About....Blog Hop!!

Greetings everyone!
 It's my day to post about what I'm "Nuts About!" First things first. I really appreciate Marian for inviting me to participate. She is a great hostess!! Make sure you pop in on her blog, as there are great give-aways each day that she talks about!!

Here is the schedule of bloggers who are involved in this wonderful February hop.

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February 5, 2016
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February 8, 2016
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February 9, 2016
Quilting Queen Online
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February 10, 2016
Sew Many Yarns
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Seams To Be Sew

Make sure you stop by each blogger to see what they have come up with.

Here's what I came up with because I'm a bit off kilter and have been known to go a little nuts.....
My attempt at sketching a design.

Fabrics chosen and I sewed peanut type lines. Notice the wildly nutty eyes....yeah, that's my expression most of the time.....heheheheheheh

I went with a cross-word type puzzle to name a lot of the things I'm nuts about. 
  1. I love studying the bible. Jesus is my Counselor, my refuge.
  2. My mom is my best friend, of course, followed by my wonderful Cowboy who is always there to support me, even going so far as to advise me on quilting designs. Surprisingly, he's right 95% of the time.....hummmmmm
  3. I love baking and cooking meals for family and neighbors. My favorite foods are shrimp and candy....not eaten together, BTW!!! I can eat a bag of Skittles on the way home from the market but let's keep that bit of knowledge between you and me.
  4. I had to add fabric and sewing. That's in my blood. Our local quilt shop just announced that it's going out of business so I'm chomping at the bit to shop there one more time to aid them reducing so much inventory.
  5. I love movies such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Guarding Tess, The Sound of Music, The Thomas Crown Affair, just to name a few. I've seen these movies so many times while in my sewing studio that I don't even have to look up to know what's going on.
  6. I am nuts about jigsaw puzzles to the point that when I start one, I am fixated on it until it's completed to the exclusion of anything else. That includes no sewing. I barely stop to eat. I know that sounds a bit "nuts" but that's just the way I roll.
  7. And finally, I'm nuts about my Wacky girlfriends who are like sisters to me. We are always coming up with 'wacky' things to get into and are supportive when one of us going off the deep end on a fabric spree. We are so close that we once went on a sewing cruise but wound up not doing much sewing but enjoyed the sites and locals a lot. That's all I'll say because we all know, "What happens on a cruise, stays on the cruise!"  

Here's a close up of the tiny meandering I did around the peanut area.

This quilt measures 31 /12" by 21 1/2".

Now to the give aways....... 
from the wonderful folks at the Fat Quarter Shop   

Free pattern from Any Pattern.com

To enter click on the link below.

Feb 3, 2016

Mini Wednesday

"The Monk's Door" is my latest mini and I'm in love with all the fabrics, most of which I purchased from England Designs.
This mini measures 12" square.
Watch as this neat mini develops. This is why I take so many photos, so that I can see what's working, placement, shapes, etc.

I did an in-lay design on the door and I wanted it to be off kilter a bit. Sometimes straight lines aren't necessary.
A bit of black on one side of the door to lend depth.

I' used a lighter wood grain around the door.

Then I fussy cut white stones and applied them "artfully" around the wood.

Around that and even darker, aged wood to, one - show off the white stone and two - give more depth.

I wanted to do something with the tiny brick fabric. What better way to use them than as a sort of broken or peeling effect.

This is really shaping up but it need more..... Onward!!

Much better.
I finally added more tiny bricks towards the top and then stones at the bottom.

Jan 29, 2016

Boots, Vines & Broderie Perse

Boot block #2 is ready to go. This block has Broderie Perse leaves and blooms in it.

I like to keep in practice my hand embroidery skills, such as they are. So you will see some of the blocks with embroidery and nothing else as a step.

Jan 26, 2016

Mini Wednesday

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. Welcome to another mini Wednesday. This one I've named "House on the Hill" measures 9" by 11."
Below are photos of the process. This is where I really dig in & concentrate.
I used a gold Sharpie to shade the seam of one side of the house. I know this seems minor but it adds dimension.
I went with a partly cloudy sky then started in on the ground area. Something  is missing here. Needs more.
I love the wood type fabric.

Jan 20, 2016

Sneak Peek Revealed

This past November I posted about a project that is due in February. I mentioned a Hereford Bull we named Curly. Above is the finished top measuring 72" by 98."
As always, I had a blast making each block. I decided to title it "Way Back Then" because most of the blocks depicted, my mom told me about. This is from my family's history. Below are close-ups of the blocks.

Now to get it quilted in a timely manner......sigh.....cross your fingers everyone!!!

Jan 17, 2016

Painting with Fabric Workshop

Today I'm having a blast teaching a landscaping class. The ladies are excited and jumped right in.
I've planned some fun surprises throughout the day. Take a look...
Kits out & ready to be chosen.
Hard at work making tough decisions.
And then great results!!!
We all enjoyed a delightful day & I've made several new quilting friends.


Don't count the days, make the days count!


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