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Dec 4, 2016

All I Want To Do Is....

All I want to do lately is look at nature, enjoy the changing season & visit with family. I'm sure my Janome is wondering what's my problem. To that I haven't an answer.
I'll be back one of these days. To everyone who celebrates this time of year, Happy Holidays. I'm off for a time!! 

Nov 25, 2016


I know this isn't a good photo but it's all I took before the family pouched on it. This is a "frig" pie that I found on the Internet here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/12181/no-bake-peanut-butter-pie/
It's very easy to make and goes quickly once it sets up so be warned.

Nov 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

2016 is nearly gone & the fall & winter holidays are here. Mom & dad use to ask what we kids were thankful for. We'd swing into a list of things. I've never forgotten those time. So this year I wanted to do a small bit of my thankfulness.
I am thankful for:
Knowing that I am a child of God!
For my mom
For my little people
For my Mr. Cowboy
There's more but I'll share that when we gather for Thanksgiving dinner!
I hope everyone who celebrates this time of year has a wonderful time.

Nov 16, 2016

Mini Wednesday

It's deer season here in Texas. We have plenty of the critters roaming around the pastures & lake along with wild hogs, some ducks & a couple of beavers Mr. Cowboy is attempting to trap (hunt)!!
This mini is in honor of the deer which we do not hunt.
I've traced the design onto adhesive.
Here are at least two fabrics I'll use.
Here love cut the silhouette & placed it on the wrong side of the dark sky fabric.
The next few photos are of placement. I've also added a background batik fabric.

Here's the finale. I added a tree that's leaning on the others just for a bit of interest. It measures 10 1/2 by 9 3/4 inches.

Nov 9, 2016

Mini Wednesday

Whoooooo!!1 You guessed it. This is the beginnings of an owl.

Here, I used a gold fabric and colored orange crayon stripes over it.

Now, I've placed the eyes over the feathered area. He's coming alive.

Adding white feathers in key areas makes the owl pop.

Finally, just before trimming I added a gold leopardy fabric.....Love it!!!

Oct 31, 2016

Mini Wednesday On Halloween!!!

Hi everyone. I'm posting early so that my little grands can see a bit of Halloween stuff.

Making a Jack O' Lantern into a scarecrow is the idea here.

You've got to have a body.

I decided to throw in all kinds of birds who aren't afraid of the scarecrow. All of the birds came from novelty fabrics and fussy cut to fit.

Disregard the strand light source that appears in the final photo. I'm sure it was something that I did....hehehe!!

Oct 29, 2016

Orange Giants

Can you believe the size of these carrots? Look at them compared to the teaspoon. Cousin Clark brought a batch to me the other day. I had to scramble to get them peeled, chopped & into the freezer.
They will be great in stews during the winter!!

Oct 26, 2016

Mini Wednesday

Mr. Cowboy and I went fishing the other day, didn't have much luck but did hook one beauty. He got away but I was again inspired to try another mini.  I dug thru my stash and found a great spotted green.

For the gills and mouth I used an off white then detailed them with crayons and black marker.

Adding back fins and a bit more detail then pressed the bass together on my non-stick pressing sheet.

Now comes the fun part, the background. I decided to try my hand with the splash of the fish coming out of the water and also some reflections. Notice my tiny dragonfly about to be eaten!!!

Finally, I used a mottled pinkish/purple sky. I call this one done!!

Oct 20, 2016

Man Verses Beasts

You may not be able to see but this trap has three wild hogs in it. My cousin, Clark borrowed the trap from another cousin, Ed. Allow me to digress a bit. Up until last week Clark was into trapping "moles." You know those tiny, almost blind, sort of hairless burrowing creatures that make mounds in your yard!! Clark is the king of trapping them but for some unfashionable reason, he decides to get into this new venture. I advised him that wild hogs are not the docile creatures like the moles but he didn't seem to grasp that concept.
Mole mound where the little critter lurks!!

Back to the present. Three hog wind up in the trap & charged it & him. Suddenly Clark realizes the viciousness he faced. So Clark called on three cousins for help. Mind you, all four of these guys are over 65 years old. This was not going to be pretty.
Picture four slow moving guys with two pick-up trucks backed as close as possible to the trap with raging, salivating, ferrel hogs just waiting for an opening to making someone's day.
I couldn't watch.
Let's just say there was a lot of screaming (like a teenage girl), hollering, praying & profuse sweating. All coming from the guys. My back was turned & I was safe seated in my Jeep ( I'm no fool). But by some miracle no one was injured only a bit shaken & limping, the guys, I mean!!
The hogs, still quite unhappy, were driven away to a processing plant.

On a brighter note, cousin Thelma landed a 10 lb. catfish. Dinner looks promising!!

Oct 19, 2016

Mini Wednesday

I'm still dealing with windmills. This time I took Mr. Cowboy's suggestion to place the windmill near a barn.
I chose one of the designs I used in a previous quilt.

I'm always playing around with foreground and backgrounds. The idea was to place the windmill slightly behind the barn & on a slanted hill.

I've used a blue background fabric and turned on the wrong side to mute it even more. As someone said years ago, "It's okay to use the wrong side. You've already paid for it!"

Next I added clouds by fussy cutting shapes from another fabric.

Using crayons, I've shaded in some of the cloud area.

I found, in my stash, a novelty fabric with cows and fussy cut around a few of them. Love it!!

Oct 12, 2016

Mini Wednesday

I'm back!!! I really needed that break but am happy to be back in Blogger-land and to share my new favorite mini with you.

As you can already surmise, this one will be a windmill. Lately, I've been fascinated with them.

I tried out a cloudy background but didn't like it one bit.

This is much better.

Stringing all the tiny pieces is time consuming but rewarding. Mr. Cowboy came in to watch me which was nerve racking!!!

All done and happy!!! The reason for the changing color is some of the photos were taken during the night or under my Ott-Lite.

Oct 10, 2016

Mini Wednesday - Loads of Photos

Hi everyone! I've finally recovered from the Houston Quilt Show....hehehehehehe
First off, "A Storm Brewing" is quilted. It took me a few days to come up with an idea of how to get it done.
Mini measures 14" by 15 1/2".

This that out of the way, I've started on a new "mini" which I've names "Home by the Stresm"
I know you'll be wondering about that name when you see the mini but it's all I could come up with. I may need better suggestions from you all......
Auditioning fabric is one of my favorite past times.
I decided to use that beigie fabric as the sky...not sure what the second will be at the moment.

Found the blue shimmery fabric, cut it into a flowing stream design and moved the grayish fabric below it as a stopping point.

Brown fabric for soil and green for a grassy area.

I have a great array of tree bark fabrics so I'm using mostly the birch bark on this project.

Some of the tree trunks look better leaning or chewed off.

Add the beaver and some grass here and there. I'm liking the look. 
Got it quilted & bound. It measures 12 1/2" by 15 1/2"
What to you think?? And do suggest a better name for this mini. 


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