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Jul 21, 2015

O Dear!!

I've been sewing up a breeze & so it wasn't surprising when I found this fuzz.
Can you see it? Lint & lots of it. So with Q-tip in one hand & tweezers in the other, I'm going in.
Wish me luck!!

Jul 20, 2015

My Favorite Color

Green is my favorite color. When I visit quilt shops, green fabric is what I head for. I have so much in my stash now that I decided to make a quick quilt.
Here's the kite shape on my foundation.
If you know me, you know where I'm headed with this project.
Here's the first side. I decided to use a brown strip & grayish triangle to break up all the green strips.
All blocks done measuring 12 1/2" sq.
Loving what I see on this green fractured diamond top. Now I need to think about borders.
Yes that's my foot in the way but I'm happy with extending the inner diamond into this first border.
Close up.
I saw a cicada that had just emerged from his beetle shell. It took about twenty minutes to dry his wings before he could fly off.
 This photo does not do it justice.

Jul 16, 2015


 It's that time again! I went to our local farmers market, purchased a mess of cucumbers, washed & thinly sliced them.  
I placed them in a pickling brine for 24 hours. See all the frothiness? This means it's working.
 The next stage is the sugar & vinegar goodness which lasts 12 hours.
Finally comes the cold bath stage which is actually a hot bath process. Confusing but whatever gets me those tasty sweet pickles!!

Jul 13, 2015

Cabin Fever

Sorry about the fuzzy photo.
This is my latest project. A rustic log cabin in the woods. I'm in the figuring it all out/what to add next phase before I start sewing things together.

Jul 11, 2015

Kicking Dirt!!

I named this photo "kicking dirt" because when you live on a farm or ranch the men always stand around discussing what work needs to be done while kicking the dirt around, hands in pockets, scratching their brows, etc. 
Finally, raking the hay....
Then baling it. Of course, after awhile there was more dirt kicking but I won't bore you with more photos of that.

Jul 9, 2015

From Paper to Fabric

I've had this paper image for a couple of years. As you can see, it's an optical illusion. I love these kinds of images. When I caught school. I always had on up monthly to allow my students to figure out what they were seeing.
I enlarged this one.....
Used a light-box to trace it onto my favorite adhesive....Steam-a-Seam; pressed that onto the wrong side of my fabric choice, then began to cut.
I always cut the inside dead spaces first which makes things go a lot easier.
This is so exciting!!! I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!
Now, as it's turned to the right side, I begin to place & shift the pieces.
This is what I have so far!
Love it!!!!

Jul 8, 2015

Piecing, Finally!!

I decided to dive in & sew something. Strings are fast & gratifying.
Thirty-six 12.5 inch foundations with a winderful paisley center strip to start.
Some tone-on-tone type fabric strips all from my stash.
36 completed blocks later.....
Here's the top with no borders yet. That will come later, I hope....laugh out loud! 

Jul 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July

Ayden & Austin wishing everyone a great 4th of July!!!!
My little people are growing up so fast!

Jun 29, 2015

Seldom Seen

In the back & up these stairs lives a wonderful little place called.........
It's a quilting machine heaven owned by a very nice & patient owner, Diana.

I finished this quilt in about 2 hours. I am so excited!!!!!
Many thanks to Seldom Seen Quilting in Waxahachie, Texas!!

Jun 22, 2015


For some reason I am unable to reply via email so to all the great commenters, you will be happy to know that the capacitor has been replaced. Cowboy was happy that I'm now happy. 
I chose the title Frozen because I'm practically standing under an air vent with the thermostat at 56 degrees & I'm purring with glee.
Cowboy is trying to find where I stashed his winter hoodie...hehehehe! I'm not telling.

Jun 21, 2015

In The Heat of The Night

Picture this....a post menopausal woman asleep, dreaming of that extra slice of pecan pie she should have turned down. Are you with me so far? It's around 3AM & about 85 degrees when said woman (me), is awaken, sweaty, hair plastered to the face, pillow, neck....are you getting that into focus? Of course there's nothing to be done until the morning says Mr. Cowboy. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me! I could literally feel an inner temperature rising, beads of sweat flowing. I am in a full blown panic. Mr. Cowboy wisely decides to investigate, as my eyes bulge from their sockets.
I realize that climbing into a hot attic was not something he relished but I did not for one moment care.....no, I'm sad to say. After thirty minutes of searching, cussing (that's a Texas slang), a banged up knuckle or two, this is what was causing the problem....
I don't know if you can see it but it's a capacitor, says Cowboy. 
Here's the conversation that followed..
Me: What's a capacitor?
Him: it's a .....blah blah blah
Me: I don't know that all that means honey.
Him: I saw your eyes glaze over.
Me: Can you fix it?
Him: Now?
Me: Of course now!!!!
Him: Well, I'd have to replace the capacitor.
Me: Ok, do that.
Him: Now?
Me: YES!!
Him: it's 4:00 in the morning.
Me: So?
Him: There are no stores open at this time of the night, woman!!
At this point I'm beginning to see why cool air is not in my immediate future but am unwilling to admit anything to the contrary!!!! 
Me: what's it going to take to get this thing going?
Him: a long-suffering sigh...I can fix it by noon if I can find one of my electrician buddies.
Me: Noon! Ok, fine! 
Him: he didn't say anything but eyed me suspiciously.
I went outside to the storage building, in my nightie with my trusty flashlight, pulled out three box fans, went into the sitting room & surrounded myself with "warm" air.....not ideal but doable....all because of a little $15 part.
I don't know what Cowboy did because I couldn't hear a thing over the noise of the fans.
The morale of this story: you're going to have to give me a few days to cool of before I can think properly. I think my brain was fried!

Jun 13, 2015

Catch of the Day!

Mr. Cowboy was kind enough to hold up my catch of the day. The fish were very stubborn last evening but I managed to hook two while Cowboy moved some hay bales to higher ground due to all the rain & flooding around here. As for this particular photo, I downloaded a neat app on my iPhone that does all kinds of wacky things to spruce up pics. So I decided to play around with the fish photo to practice. This is the old view finder one.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!!

Jun 9, 2015

Laugh out loud!

I needed to get out for a bit, called up one of my "wacky" girlfriends, Annie & we saw the movie SPY!
This a great chick flick with lots of laughable moments. Melissa McCarthy is at her best in this movie. Jude Law & Jason Statham are quick & on the mark. The only drawback was some of the language, which I cringed at but I'm still giving the movie two thumbs up!! I'm still giggling just thinking about some of the scenes!!


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