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Jun 29, 2015

Seldom Seen

In the back & up these stairs lives a wonderful little place called.........
It's a quilting machine heaven owned by a very nice & patient owner, Diana.

I finished this quilt in about 2 hours. I am so excited!!!!!
Many thanks to Seldom Seen Quilting in Waxahachie, Texas!!

Jun 22, 2015


For some reason I am unable to reply via email so to all the great commenters, you will be happy to know that the capacitor has been replaced. Cowboy was happy that I'm now happy. 
I chose the title Frozen because I'm practically standing under an air vent with the thermostat at 56 degrees & I'm purring with glee.
Cowboy is trying to find where I stashed his winter hoodie...hehehehe! I'm not telling.

Jun 21, 2015

In The Heat of The Night

Picture this....a post menopausal woman asleep, dreaming of that extra slice of pecan pie she should have turned down. Are you with me so far? It's around 3AM & about 85 degrees when said woman (me), is awaken, sweaty, hair plastered to the face, pillow, neck....are you getting that into focus? Of course there's nothing to be done until the morning says Mr. Cowboy. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me! I could literally feel an inner temperature rising, beads of sweat flowing. I am in a full blown panic. Mr. Cowboy wisely decides to investigate, as my eyes bulge from their sockets.
I realize that climbing into a hot attic was not something he relished but I did not for one moment care.....no, I'm sad to say. After thirty minutes of searching, cussing (that's a Texas slang), a banged up knuckle or two, this is what was causing the problem....
I don't know if you can see it but it's a capacitor, says Cowboy. 
Here's the conversation that followed..
Me: What's a capacitor?
Him: it's a .....blah blah blah
Me: I don't know that all that means honey.
Him: I saw your eyes glaze over.
Me: Can you fix it?
Him: Now?
Me: Of course now!!!!
Him: Well, I'd have to replace the capacitor.
Me: Ok, do that.
Him: Now?
Me: YES!!
Him: it's 4:00 in the morning.
Me: So?
Him: There are no stores open at this time of the night, woman!!
At this point I'm beginning to see why cool air is not in my immediate future but am unwilling to admit anything to the contrary!!!! 
Me: what's it going to take to get this thing going?
Him: a long-suffering sigh...I can fix it by noon if I can find one of my electrician buddies.
Me: Noon! Ok, fine! 
Him: he didn't say anything but eyed me suspiciously.
I went outside to the storage building, in my nightie with my trusty flashlight, pulled out three box fans, went into the sitting room & surrounded myself with "warm" air.....not ideal but doable....all because of a little $15 part.
I don't know what Cowboy did because I couldn't hear a thing over the noise of the fans.
The morale of this story: you're going to have to give me a few days to cool of before I can think properly. I think my brain was fried!

Jun 13, 2015

Catch of the Day!

Mr. Cowboy was kind enough to hold up my catch of the day. The fish were very stubborn last evening but I managed to hook two while Cowboy moved some hay bales to higher ground due to all the rain & flooding around here. As for this particular photo, I downloaded a neat app on my iPhone that does all kinds of wacky things to spruce up pics. So I decided to play around with the fish photo to practice. This is the old view finder one.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!!

Jun 9, 2015

Laugh out loud!

I needed to get out for a bit, called up one of my "wacky" girlfriends, Annie & we saw the movie SPY!
This a great chick flick with lots of laughable moments. Melissa McCarthy is at her best in this movie. Jude Law & Jason Statham are quick & on the mark. The only drawback was some of the language, which I cringed at but I'm still giving the movie two thumbs up!! I'm still giggling just thinking about some of the scenes!!

Jun 5, 2015

Back In The Saddle

My "wacky" girlfriend, Kathy is back to blogging after a two year haitus. After her husband died unexpectedly, she was not herself for a while. So please pop over to welcome her back.
Here are a few reminders of my "wacky" girlfriend having fun!!!

I just love this lady!!!

May 26, 2015

Tusk, Tusk

In a previous post, I mentioned the wild hog problem around our farm & in Texas in general. 
Take a look at the following photos:
This is a single tusk which one hog lost in a fight with some local dogs. Luckily the dogs weren't to badly harmed. The hog ran off.
This is frightening to even think about. We can't take walks in our community without thinking about, what if a hog comes at us!!!

May 22, 2015

Stew from Leftovers

I had lots of different leftover containers in the frig & decided to see if I could get another meal from most of them. The easiest is to make a stew or soup. I combined the tomato & onion soup to English peas, shredded carrots from my veggie bin; I diced up a New York strip steak, added 1/4 cup catsup, 1/2 cup water & sprinkled some bacon bits to add a bit more flavor. All this I heated in a large sauce pan for thirty minutes. Serve with cornbread or garlic toast.
While I was whipping up some lunch Mr. Cowboy was dealing with our wild hog issue.
Exhibit A & B
These two were caught in our hog trap & weren't happy one bit. Cowboy had to load them in the trailer to haul them off to a local guy who, I don't even want to know what he does with them. If you are unfamiliar with the damage these critters can do, they root up fields, yards, crops, etc. They carry disease and are extremely dangerous to people & pets. Mr. Cowboy has caught a dozen these past few weeks but that hasn't even scraped the surface. 
Enough about that. I hope you all have a great & safe Memorial Day weekend.

Apr 18, 2015

Busy Week

Here's a snippet of what I've been doing:
Baked banana bread loaf for my mom.
Helped Mr. Cowboy count heifers & calves. Note, I'm in the back of the truck safe & sound while my fearless honey walks amongst the giant animals...laugh out loud!... Those moma cows weigh close to & some over a thousand pounds, I'm not crazy enough to get that close!!!!!
Dew on spider's web
& elusive hummingbirds. Everytime I tried to slap a photo they flew off...oohhh, it was maddening. So Ayden's class didn't get to see them but I'm not giving up yet.
Fresh strawberries to.....
8 pints of strawberry jam.....whew, that's what I've been up to. I hope everyone of you are doing well & enjoying life!

Apr 8, 2015

Rolling Along

Yes, that's me about to start on another of the endless rows of tilled grassed seeds. The "roller" behind the tractor mashes everything into the ground so that the grass grows evenly, so says Mr. Cowboy!!!!!
I visited Ayden's school Easter eggs hunt last week to cheer her on. As you can see, she found loads of eggs & shared her portion with a couple of kids who were not as successful.
Look closely & you'll see a Canadian goose just off her nest. I was about to do a little fishing at our lake when I spotted her & snapped this photo. The male was close by swimming around. I hope to get a photo of the hatchlings when that event happens.

Mar 27, 2015

Tyler Quilt Show

IThe other weekend, the Wackies went to a local quilt show. Below are a few of the quilts that caught my eye.

It's Spring Finally

Enjoy these pretty flowers & plants with me.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Mar 25, 2015

Soon After This Photo.....

Mr. Cowboy snapped this photo to show me this fierce wild mama hog. She charged the holding causing Cowboy to drop his iPhone into the trailer with mad mama. Oh my gosh! 
Words were exchanged between Cowboy & mad mama hog as they fought over the phone ( as you can imagine, Cowboy was cussing, as we say here in Texas & the hog was lathering for a fight).
Cowboy managed to shove his phone towards a corner of the trailer using a long metal fence post just as mama hog charged for the kill. Mind you, she's in a ten foot by five foot area but could maneuver quite well. In other words, she's quick & mad as a hornet. 
Cowboy managed to scoot the phone off the back of the trailer. Remarkably it was in good shape & no, he wouldn't allow me to snap a photo of his phone or his expression!! Hehehehe 
Maybe I'll not ask for photos from him for awhile.


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