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Jun 19, 2018

Too Close

Mr. Cowboy had just stepped off his 4-wheeler & was walking one of the fence rows when he heard thrashing in a wooded area. With little time to lose, a 200 pound sow charged him at close range. Two shots later my guy walked away from, what could have been, something I don't even want to contemplate. 
Wild hogs are everywhere around these parts. It's wise to always carry a rifle. When he texted me a photo then called to say how close that hog was, my heart nearly pounded from my chest.
I won't go outside these days at night fall anymore because of the hog problem. Several of our neighbors have started hunting with hunting dogs because we are so over run.
These hogs have no natural enemies & they aren't afraid of anything.

Jun 13, 2018


Mr. Cowboy asked me to help him participate in his cattle/soil/water conservation group project. Of course I said yes before he gave me the instructions.
After reading the instructions and listening to what he wanted, I was off and running with ideas.

I was really on a roll by the time I got to the water crane.

And was very happy with the deer minus the antlers for the moment.

Then I realized the tight fit for the 9 inch block. I decided to call and email a photo to the gal who's the head of the quilt group that will be sewing the blocks altogether. Boy am I glad that I did. At first that was dead silence on the line so I knew that things weren't going well on her end. She was kind to steer me in the direction need so back to the drawing board I went.

Here's the block Mr. Cowboy will be sending in. He liked it better that the three section block. I'm just happy things worked out. He doesn't ask me to do things for his organization so I wanted to do him proud.

Jun 7, 2018


Hi there! The old snake wrangler here. Not really! Can you say,' freaked out!'
I was out at our church running an errand when I happen to look down at the foot of the door I'd just walked through a couple of time already when I noticed a rather too thick of a tail to be a lizard. "Please let it be a lizard! Please let it be a lizard," I babbled as I was sure it wasn't. 
Of course I wasn't dressed for hunting snakes.

This is my normal attire for hunting critters.
Anyway, back to my dilemma.
As you could probably guess, there was no one, I mean, no one around to help me. So I grabbed the wasp spray thinking.....well, I wasn't really thinking very much at this point. I gave the snake two cans worth of the spray while chanting, "Please slither away," over and over. But alas, he didn't get that message. On two the next solution.....call everybody to help.
Wouldn't you know but the secretary was busy, my cousins had literally gone fishing, the neighbors were, I'm thinking hiding in their homes or something because absolutely no one was about.
I did manage to find a couple of garden tools but by this time, said snake had managed to wedge himself between two very heavy planters.
Praise be!!!! Two guys came along and I managed to flag them down and together we came up with a plan to slay the snake. Basically they told me to stand back and they'd handle things! That was all I need to hear. In a matter of moments the snake was dispatched as I watch on with frayed nerves. 
I actually thought about having a bit of Communion wine to steady my nerves.
No really!!
I thanked the guys profusely and offered them bottles of water before they went on their way. I did come home and took a couple of aspirin a little while ago.  I think I'll need a nap as well.....sigh!!
BTW, I am unable to respond your comments at this time. Blogger or someone needs to fix that situation but please know that I read & appreciate every comment!! 

Jun 6, 2018

Foiled Veggies

Here's an easy & great clean-up recipe.
Using heavy duty foil & a large over ready skillet, add loads of your favorite chopped veggies, salt/pepper & as shown in the last photo, pats of butter. Fold over foil & bake @ 325 degrees for 1 hour. 
Enjoy with a meal or serve as a meal with garlic bread!

May 31, 2018

My Other Habit

 I can't believe that it's the end of May already. Where was I during all of it?! Not sewing anything, that's for sure. But it's hay season......again, so I've been busy making lunches for the guys and running around gathering baling stuff. I did get started on my latest watercolor project. I'll need to paint in the sky and do a bit more work on that pitiful tree. The bluejay is a little on the heavy side but I like him, I think.
How's your end of May going?

May 24, 2018

After Six Years

I know this is a poor photo but bare with me. See that prickly thing in the center of the plant? That's the results of  Mr. Cowboy and my endeavor to grow a pineapple from the cut off part of a fresh pineapple........I know by this point you are scratching your heads thinking, 'what is she babbling about?'  Well, Mr. Cowboy has insisted that I keep this little project going until something happens. I tried moving the plant to the other side of the house or to the front or back porch and he's always ask what I'd done with the silly thing. So you see, I couldn't just throw it away although I thought of that many, many times over the years.
The other day I looked over and discovered that growth.....out of nowhere. Of course Mr. Cowboy was quick to say, "See, I told you something would grow!"
I don't think anything else will grow but now he's really excited to carry on with the experiment. Stay turned. Of course this could take another six years.

May 16, 2018

We Have A Winner

Greetings Everyone!!
So sorry it's taken me so long to post the name of the FQ winner. What with Mother's Day celebrations and church services, I've been really busy. But Mr. Cowboy did remind me that "he" needed to draw a name from the hat. WOW, can you believe that he reminded me. I think he secretly likes his job....LOL
Without further delay.....the winner is........

SWOOZE! Congrats girlfriend.  Mr. Cowboy didn't understand the name, so I explained to him that it's your blog handle.......like mine is Ravelly..........he went away shaking his head.

May 8, 2018

How I Spent My Tuesday; A Winner & Another Give Away

Mr. Cowboy decided he needed some blades for cutting hay. He ask if I wanted to tag along. Not thinking clearly, I said, "Sure, why not." Several hours later...& several stops later...sigh. Of course I forgot my Kindle and any hand work I could have done but Mr. Cowboy kept me in stitches so all was not lost.

Next, I went with Mr. Cowboy's suggestion to add the tree. He loves trees & he was so excited to help.
Now for the most exciting part, Mr. Cowboy pulled the name for the FQ..& the winner is  A Left-handed Quilter. Congratulations to you.
If you've made it this far on this post, I'm giving away another FQ, you can see it below. Isn't it pretty? All you need to do is leave a comment to participate. Good luck!! 
Another FQ give away!!!!

May 5, 2018

Happy Cinco de Mayo & A Mini

Hi everyone! Well I'm back at it. Here's the latest mini. A giraffe in love with his next meal. This measures 9" by 13 1/2".

Here's a close up of the giraffe eyeing the leaves.

My cousin Clark has a beautiful blooming tree in his front yard and I just had to snap a couple of photos which doesn't do the tree justice at all.
And then I've decided to do a FQ give away. Isn't this fabric so pretty. Just leave a comment to be counted in the give away and I'll have Mr. Cowboy do a drawing next week. He just loves that process.....hehehehehe!!

May 1, 2018

Mini Tutorial - To Stitch or Not To Stitch

Happy first day of May everyone!!
Thanks to all who have commented on my previous post on minis. And thank you for reminding me that I didn't follow through with the entire process.  The stitch or not to stitch part.

These two minis are not stitched. If you are not going to be washing or using your mini as a mug-rug, there is really not need to stitch it down. You can hand wash it gently, lay flat to dry and then press carefully with no problems.

I do raw edge stitching which I will show at the end of this post. I do the raw edges and also quilt inside and around each piece.

Here's a close up of the eagle's beak and feathers plus stitching around the area.

Here's another example.

Here' you can see where I stitched around the head of the buffalo, inside the body and around the piece.

Same with the beaver.

Stitching around and inside the areas also adds texture and depth to your project.

Here are three sizes of needles that I use. The smaller the needle, the less fraying of your project because you will be stitching very close to the edge of your pieces.

Here, I hope you can see that I've moved my sewing needle as far over to the left as possible. If you machine doesn't have this capability, you can adjust your project so that the needle will land near the edge.

Here you see I have positioned the area I'm about to stitch. It's hard to say how close to the edge I stitch....probably at eighth inch or less.

And here's a better view.  I hope this helps and again, thank you everyone for your great comments!!!

Apr 30, 2018

Mini Tutorial

Several of my blogger friends have expressed an interest as to how I go about making my minis. So I've decided to attempt to explain in a sort of step by step process.
BTW, this post is loaded with photos.
First, I like to either look thru photos that I've taken in the past or look at some of the clipart photos on the subject I'm interested in from the Internet.
Today I decided to do a sunrise or sunset scene. So I'll need to choose from several photos.
This photo has subtle colors and appears a bit foggy.
This photo could be a sunset on the plains.
I really like this photo and will probably to it another time.
This one I thought reminded me of one that one of my blogging friends mentioned that she was interested in making.
All these photos are from the Internet and they all are fascinating to me because of all the possibilities such as.....I'm seeing a mixture of fabrics I'd want to use. I love mixing batiks, solids, prints, florals, etc. 
I'll probably save the ones I don't choose at this time.
I like I'll work with the first photo. 
Now that I've chosen a photo to work with, I'll need to print out a copy.

With the chosen photo traced on the back, I'm thinking that I want to enlarge it a bit so off to the new printer (LOL) to get that done.  Note: The traced photo is in reverse. 

Now I've enlarged it 125% which means it's about 7 1/2" by 9" at this point.

Next I chose some fabrics to use. Sorry about the photo. The one in the very middle is a McKenna Ryan gradient fabric (love it) and the others are an assortment of batiks and some that read as solids.....which are gray, pale yellows and greens, a dark brown and I might choose other fabrics later.  I looked carefully at the photo I chose to get color ideas but it's easy to change or decide on another color scheme.
You see, it's not so hard to do this. I know you can too!!
Now, it's time to trace the design onto the Heat-n-Bond. This is where things get tricky because the parts need to be traced in pieces, such as the tree bark then the tree foliage, next.......  I'll demo to show how that's done.

I'm showing the chosen photo again, hopefully in a better light to finalize my color choices and to be able to compare the photo to me project as I go along.

I've numbered the sections that I'll be tracing just to keep up with every part.

I've chosen the McKenna Ryan piece as my foundation and background. Usually I'd us a muslin as a foundation then all my fabric choices on top but the Ryan piece has just the right colors that I'm looking for even though they don't quite match the actual photo. Remember, it's your project, so if you want to change colors or add something......that's the fun of it all.

Here I've traced off the different parts onto the Heat-n-Bond. Notice that the parts are separate and a bit larger that the actual pieces. This is for adjustments because more is better than not enough. So always give yourself more traced area because you can cut something down easily.

In this photo I wanted to show the difference in the right side and wrong side of the fabric, not because you don't know the difference but because sometimes the wrong side of the fabric is a better fit for what you are looking for than the right side.  Someone once told me, "Remember, we've paid for both sides."
All parts are not pressed to the wrong side of the fabrics I've chosen.

Now I've cut all my pieces out and laid them on the McKenna piece so that you can better see them.

Here you can see the non-stick pressing sheet that I use so that the Heat-n-Bond doesn't gum up my ironing board.

I'm now building from the ground up.

I really like the sun fabric I chose.
Here you see the whole thing before I press everything down.

Also, I like to compare the original to what I've done.

Here are all three. I'll probably do a bit of crayon work around the sun....YES, I said crayons. They are great to add some detail and depth. Just press using a sheet of paper or muslin between the project and your iron.
I hope this helps those of you who are interested in this type of thing. Please leave a comment if you care to. I love hearing from you.



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