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Sep 1, 2015


The photo is terrible but I've gotten all 12 blocks done. Now comes the hard part of stitching around each piece......sigh 

Aug 24, 2015

More Attitudes

I'm on a roll with the Attitudes! It;s very addictive. Each block takes roughly an hour and a half to put together. I have yet to stitch around all the pieces but that's for a later time.
Block #3
Block #1
I failed to mention that most of the fabrics are coming from my stash. Only a few were purchased after my long-arm quilting class the other week.
Make sure to pop over to Judy's to see what others are doing on DWM!!

Aug 20, 2015

Shower! Finally

Can you see the raindrops on the stepping stone? I'm doing my happy dance because it's finally raining here in Central-ish Texas. It's been around forty days since that's happened. So since we're having a good shower I decided to get busy in the old sewing studio. Me. Cowboy was grateful to see me finish piecing his T-shirt top.
Now all I have to do is quilt it but never fear, I'll get that done when I go back to the long-arm place next week.
I just completed #2 block from Be Attitudes. I like the fabrics & the slow but steady progress.

Aug 17, 2015

Be Attitudes

I've had this book by Nancy Halvorsen for "years" & finally decided to do something about it.....laugh out loud! 
If you know anything about me, you know I never do things in any order thus I started with block #8.

Aug 7, 2015

Piano Keys and Done

I finally got around to bordering my string quilt top. Piano keys look cool but are time consuming. Let me just say, "whew!"
Annie (no blog) and I visited the quilting place I mentioned a few blogs ago..."seldom seen".....& I was able to quilt in a day my green fractured diamond quilt. I am very pleased with my meandering. I'm so happy we found that place!!

Aug 6, 2015

Putting Up

I've been canning again.
14 bags of cream peas and purple-hull peas.
Another batch of sweet pickles & I'm trying a recipe for corn relish which is a great side dish with sandwiches. 

Aug 3, 2015

Life at 60

Hi everyone. First I'd like to thank those who wished me a Happy 60th Birthday! I had a great time going out to dinner and getting to shop at one of my favorite quilt shops. I've given you a little taste of some of my purchases below. What I'll do with the purchases, nobody knows but it was so much fun looking, fondling and talking to the story owner.
As for the age thing.....I feel great at 60. I've been exercising to keep the body moving smoothly and I'm told by my doctor that my health is very good!!! So all is well.

Aug 1, 2015

Blue Moon and....

It's a blue moon which is an additional full moon that appears in either the third of four full moons in a season or a second full moon in a month. This from Wikipedia .
I took this pic around 2 this morning which was just about the time I arrived on the scene 60 years ago.
Happy Birthday to me!!

Jul 31, 2015

Cabin Fever Part 2

As you can see, I've added side borders & to that, pine-like trees....don't know what I'll add next but this looks promising . It measures 44"w/31"l so far. Any thoughts on what to do next??

Jul 21, 2015

O Dear!!

I've been sewing up a breeze & so it wasn't surprising when I found this fuzz.
Can you see it? Lint & lots of it. So with Q-tip in one hand & tweezers in the other, I'm going in.
Wish me luck!!

Jul 20, 2015

My Favorite Color

Green is my favorite color. When I visit quilt shops, green fabric is what I head for. I have so much in my stash now that I decided to make a quick quilt.
Here's the kite shape on my foundation.
If you know me, you know where I'm headed with this project.
Here's the first side. I decided to use a brown strip & grayish triangle to break up all the green strips.
All blocks done measuring 12 1/2" sq.
Loving what I see on this green fractured diamond top. Now I need to think about borders.
Yes that's my foot in the way but I'm happy with extending the inner diamond into this first border.
Close up.
I saw a cicada that had just emerged from his beetle shell. It took about twenty minutes to dry his wings before he could fly off.
 This photo does not do it justice.

Jul 16, 2015


 It's that time again! I went to our local farmers market, purchased a mess of cucumbers, washed & thinly sliced them.  
I placed them in a pickling brine for 24 hours. See all the frothiness? This means it's working.
 The next stage is the sugar & vinegar goodness which lasts 12 hours.
Finally comes the cold bath stage which is actually a hot bath process. Confusing but whatever gets me those tasty sweet pickles!!

Jul 13, 2015

Cabin Fever

Sorry about the fuzzy photo.
This is my latest project. A rustic log cabin in the woods. I'm in the figuring it all out/what to add next phase before I start sewing things together.


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