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Jun 14, 2017

So Mr. Cowboy....

So yesterday Mr. Cowboy ask me to tag along with him in town. He mentioned he'd treat me to lunch so I was more than happy to ride. However, I failed to remember how said cowboy's town adventures usually play out. Ladies, see if this sounds a bit like your man.
First stop the local gas station, just on the way to town where several of his dirt kicking buddies are standing around. He takes this opportunity to shoot the breeze for 20 mins or so, then suddenly remembers I'm waiting at the gas pump area.
Second stop; there's a guy on the side of the road selling raw honey or fresh melons or whatever & your guy feels a sudden urgent to purchase that thing. He exits the vehicle, talks/laughs/points wildly/laughs some more before finally paying the guy. Then you're finally on your way to town or so you think.
Can anyone relate to this?
Next stop...
Some parts place with loads of logos.  Did you know that when a guy goes into one of these places, you may never see him again. Cowboy was in there for at least 30 minutes or so. When he finally came out I could swear he had grown a beard. When I asked him what was he doing in there, he said that the guy at the counter had to look up some parts on the computer and then go back in the stock room to get said parts. I think the guy at the counter sent a turtle to fetch the parts. What do you all think?????
By now, I've given up on ever seeing the city limits. Mr. Cowboy apologizes profusely about all the stops then say there's one more before we can eat. It's off to the John Deere place for an hour tour & demo of an "E" series tractor. Can I just say Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!
By the time we get to lunch, I could eat a horse! No really!!!!!
I think Mr. Cowboy has broken me up from traveling with him to town...I'll just stick to riding around the farm.........sigh!!!


Gene Black said...

Or just drive away from the gas pump area and come back after you are done in town. and oh yes, stop in the quilt store for a "quick" purchase of a couple of fat quarters. LOL

Joyce Carter said...

OH honey!! I know exactly where you are coming from. Only, with my husband, it is old cars and car parts. He sees an old car, says he is only going to be a minute, then he m-i-g-h-t be ready to leave an hour later. Then he complains if I talk to someone. He says I talk too long. LOL

diane said...

Oh yes, know exactly how this is. Maybe have some hand work with you. What we don't do for those we love!

swooze said...

Mine is more like not getting out the door. He tells me to be ready in 10 minutes I know I have at least 45. Most of the time I don't even get ready until I hear his truck start because he lets it warm up!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like Judy Laquidara's trips with Vince! LOL Paul was always a go, get it, I'm done kinda guy, and I'm grateful for that. I usually went in with him anywhere, and we had some interesting chats with strangers. LOL I hope you take a book with you, or handwork, whenever you go to town!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh HA. Ha. At MY house these rolls are reversed. Terry says all the time, "Now tell me all the places we are going" because I always think of a place to stop on the way and I'm the one doing the gabbing. Luckily when we get to the fabric store, there is a Habitat Restore near and I can send him over there so I can take my time. But if we go to Walmart, we always part ways in the store because i KNOW he will run into too many friends and stop and talk forever. Usually we meet at the front of the store. My with my cart full and him waiting to go to the check out. It's all good.
xx, Carol

Needled Mom said...

Are we married to the same guy?????

Regina said...

I don't mind errand day with hubby. Is it in the truck with had work. He usually feels guilty by the time we are done so I casually request a "quick" pop into the quilt store! Works EVERY TIME.

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