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Jun 8, 2017

Lime Flax

Sorry about the strange title but I couldn't help wanting to get your curiosity up!!
My Cousin Clark recently gave me a bunch of limes. I don't know what he was attempting to tell me. Maybe something about my personality or dig at me for warning him repeatedly about wild hogs and the danger of trapping them without the knowledge of what could happen.
But I reluctantly took them not knowing what to do with them.
Luckily there's Google. How to preserve limes/recipes to deal with limes....sigh....there were hundreds of ideas. I chose to do a lime/sugar refrigerater thingy. This process take a half a day so good for me on that!
All done with that business a few hours later!!!!!
Mr. Cowboy is on this kick of eating healthy. So he had me purchase a bag of ground flaxseed. Can I just say............dirt!!!
It looks like dirt to me.
See what I mean!!  So I hold my nose as I spoon some onto his & my cereal. Then we eat spoons full. Thank goodness I couldn't taste the 'dirt' on my cereal, there is no discernible gritty feeling to it...............sigh!


Needled Mom said...

lol. I freeze my lime juice for use when there are no limes on the trees.

The flaxseed looks sooo yummy......NOT!

Kathy L said...

So glad I checked to see if you were back to posting as I really enjoy them. Thanks.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I certainly look forward to what you concoct with those limes. I like lime much more than lemon...I wonder why. Flax seed really. I have to google the benefit. I am 100% sure Terry would not eat it unless it was 100% guaranteed and a sure cure for RA.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Oh, ugh. Sounds as bad as that honey bee stuff I thought I'd do for healthy eating one time. I don't think I ever finished the jar, but that's what I get for actually listening to sales people at the state fair. LOL


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