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Sep 14, 2016

Mini Wednesday

"Full Moon" is what I've named this piece. It is done in shades of blue, of which I have very few scraps.
I found a clipart pic and added to it to suit my needs. 
The following photos are in reverse of how the finish came about.
The color blue is, for some reason, is not a fabric I purchase often. Hummmm, maybe it's time to go shopping!! Just kidding, I think.
Since I'm determined to use only scraps, I really had to dig deep to the bottom of my bin. I don't even have muslin. When in the world did I use all my muslin?? I guess I'll have to make a run to my local quilt shop.....hehehehehe!!

As you can see I've used the last piece of muslin for the foundation.
I don't always use a foundation on my pieces but it does stabilize a small piece.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have a bin of fabrics that will make great pieces for a landscape quilt. I have never made one but I will. Sometimes you have project you WANT to do. This is one I WILL do. Love yours here.

Gene Black said...

Great work. Is the moon a quilting fabric or did you use something with a sheen to make it pop more?

swooze said...

Love it!

Needled Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Simply stunning. This is my all time favorite. It's the kind of view I miss here in the Smokies. Everything is covered by trees here. =)

Marie said...

Love the landscapes and the fact your using your scrapes are great!! I had the pleasure of showing some of our beautiful fabric post cards to a friend last night and he thought that was so neat! I love them and miss doing that. Hope all is good out your way. Hugs, Marie


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