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Feb 12, 2014

No Sun!!

No Sun......
It's very cold......
The ground is wet and icy......
What's a girl to do???
Not sew, that's for sure!!!!
It's Kindle time for me. I uploaded some of Beth Moore's free books the other week so I'm going to set my Kindle to the "talk" feature as I do housework for a few days.
I love my Kindle and am thinking about upgrading to the Kindle Fire. Any critques for me to consider from those who already own one?????
I'm interested in the movie feature.....do you download a move? can it be stored on the Kindle? is it mine forever?


Mary said...

Hi, Rhonda! I'm no expert on the Kindle Fire, but if it's like my iPad you download movies either as a rental or a purchase. Rentals are less expensive and don't permanently take up storage on you device, but purchases belong to you forever. Also, I have seen people refer to Netflix subscriptions, but I don't know how those work. Stay warm!

Gene Black said...

Rhonda, I have a Kindle Fire HDX and I love it. The movie feature works in conjunction with your Prime account (if you have one -I do)

I have downloaded movies and watched one on a road trip with no internet service. Basically you have 30 days to watch it once you start the movie...but if you hook up to wireless I think it renews the time period. (not sure on that) I suppose if you ever cancelled Prime the movies wouldn't play anymore. You can also buy movies on it I think.

Gene Black said...

I also say "keep your other Kindle" Why? if you read outside in the sun (I mean when and if it comes back) the Fire doesn't do well for reading (glare is the issue)
Also, I don't know if the Kindle Fire has the read aloud feature (I have never used it on the Fire or my other Kindle)

Needled Mom said...

Sorry....I just have the regular Kindle.

Tammy said...

I don't have a Kindle. I have last years model of the Coby Kyros which I love as a E reader. My kids have last years model of the Google Nexus 7 which is far superior to mine in ever way. They love to watch movies, videos and read and play video games too. The graphics are fabulous and I hear the latest model Google Nexus 8 is superb..... We couldn't live without our tablets / e readers.

Barb said...

I stayed up til about four this morning reading a book on my kindle...so yep..Kindle time it is!!

Regina said...

WHAT!????? The Kindle has a talk function?????? Does this work well?? I love audio books but find it had to locate a good selection at my library but if a device could talk to me.....

Ok Rhonda, I need details, make my Valentine's Day.

Regina said...
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