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Sep 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day!
Judy's hosting Design Wall Monday
 so make sure to see what others are doing.
Wow, I can't believe it's September already. If I were still teaching, this would be our first holiday and my first time to sew all day. So in keeping with that thought (BTW, I'm so happy to be retired for about 6 years now) I did get to do some stuff yesterday after my misadventure with Buzzard Bait, my company and my Kiwi Pie (see yesterday's post for that).
I was digging through a pile of fabric when I ran across some blocks of machine embroidery. Oh boy, I thought, when in the world did I do those? I couldn't remember but went off to my sewing room to trim off the excess so I could see what I might do next.

Each block took about 30 minutes from prep to stitching out. It was obvious that I didn't know what I was doing at the time because I chose the wrong threads. You can't see it but in the black and white area around each quarter circles there is stitching. I should have used a color that could be seen like lime green or red. If I ever do this again that's the route I'll take.
I might make pillows but at the moment nothing is coming to me.
Any thoughts?


Needled Mom said...

I think you should make one more in the lime green and than arrange the 16 blocks in a 4X4 mini quilt.

Holee said...

Pillows are good but I'd have at least one lime green or red tote bag out of these blocks...love black and white. Even deep aqua or yellow would be good. I made chocolate pie for today and after reading your post...I hid mine in the garage refrig!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous. Love the black and white.


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