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Aug 12, 2013


First, I have a winner from my
 Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop
 Congratulations Leslie!! Just leave a comment and we'll get
 together via email.

It's Design Wall Monday and our hostess, Judy, has a list of everyone who have allowed their creative juices to flow. Make sure to pop over and see what others are doing!!

 I know you're thinking "pink" and Rhonda together, again no less. It's amazing to me as well but I love this floral pink.  The design I used this time is "Endless Stars" by Jean M. Potetz. So far it measures 45 1/2 inches square. I'm planning on adding a 1 1/2 inch gray border and then I'll have to think about the next one. 

Here's the swan from my pond scene in two parts because it was too big to fit on my printer flatbed. All you'll need to do is tape the parts together.



Tammy said...

Love the pink blocks. Congratulations Leslie.

Rosa said...

Beautiful quilt and congrats to Leslie.Have a fun week!!

Anonymous said...

I love the endless stars quilt. I may try my hand at this. And pink and flowers are some of my favorites too. I go back again and again.

Guilitta said...

I like starquilts and this looks beautiful. I tried to look how it is made but i Couldn´t find it out.

Greeting Guilitta

Leslie said...

Got your e-mail and have sent a reply. I just took a second look at what I've won. It is just wonderful and will fit right in with the Santa collection I put out at Christmas. I will be sure to point out your beautiful work to everyone. Thank you!


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