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Apr 8, 2013


Greetings all! I've been a little busy attempting to get rid of use up some scraps. Make sure to pop over to Judy's to see what others are up to as well.

So far I've been sewing strips together, pressing in one direction then using a special ruler, cut pie shapes to make a spider's web quilt. This is going to be a very slow process so stay tuned.

As some of you know I'm really in to making mug rugs this year and giving them away each Thursday.
Here are a few that I completed in the past few days.
Sunflower mug rug

Evening Grosbeak mug rug

Peaches mug rug
Avocado mug rug
You'll be seeing these in the near future on Thursdays.
I hope everyone has a great week!!


Needled Mom said...

Your mug rugs are so darn cute!!! I need to make myself more of them.

That spider web is gorgeous!! Your colors are so wonderful.

Gene Black said...

The quilting on the peaches looks a lot like the quilting on one of my latest blocks.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Well done on the spider web blocks. I love, love, love those mug rugs!!

lefuntz said...

You have been busy. The mug rugs are fabulous and that spiderweb is off to a great start.

lefuntz said...

You have been busy. The mug rugs are fabulous and that spiderweb is off to a great start.

linny said...

Love your mug rugs. Who wouldn't want to have their daily coffee on one of these.

Rhonda R. said...

Hi Rhonda from the Wisconsin Rhonda!
I am so intrigued by your spiderweb quilt. It looks like it would be a great use of scraps and strings. I especially like that you're not piecing it on a foundation--I hate ripping off paper!! Your mug rugs are really cute. I especially like the grosbeak. My husband is in the birdseed business so we love birds. Too bad we can't have a happy medium with your Texas weather and our Wisconsin weather. We have freezing rain, snow and rain predicted just about every day for the next 10 days. I guess I'll just have to stay inside and sew!


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