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Apr 22, 2013


Greetings Everyone!  It's another wonderful Design Wall Monday and I've been very busy with a couple of projects. Please take the time to visit Judy's blog to see what other DWM participants are up to.

"What, I'm Cup Is Empty?"
This is my latest mug rug to be given away in the near future.
This is the way I look some mornings when there's no coffee....LOL
this barn block is dedicated to my blogging friend, Gari.
Her comment to me the other day was, "Where's the round barn?" She grew up with round barns and have great memories of them.
Thank you Gari for challenging me and taking me out of my small box and comfort zone.

I decided that I had to make a roundish barn. The background needed to be special. I chose 3 fabrics; light gray (at the top), a very light green (middle) which I sewed in at an angle so that when I place the barn on top it will lend an amount of depth to the overall block and a speckled white-ish brownish gray....did everyone get that description......LOL

I saw a barn on the Internet that had a rocky bottom so I was very interested in that look.
I found the perfect fabric at the bottom of one of my stash piles (love it!!!!)
As it went together, I was happy with each fabric choice. BTW, all fabrics came from my stash and "no" the pile has not diminished on bit.......sigh.

I was fairly happy but the sky needed something so I added birds. Now I'm a happy camper!!
What do you think??
Remember, you are free to copy my barn designs. You may also enlarge or shrink them to suit your needs.


Homemother said...

Love it! The barns are so realistic! This is coming from somone who grew up on a farm and saw many many barns across our area.

JustCindy said...

How cute is that mug rug! I love it. You did great on the round barn. We don't see a lot of those in TX, do we?

Gene Black said...

Wow..the round barn is terrific. It looks like a photo!

~Kris~ said...

It really does look like a photo! The texture is so cool. Nice job.

Gari in AL said...

Well, both of those could be me: empty cup and round barn. And I am so impressed with your barn, it looks so real. Thank you!!

Laura said...

Your round barn is my favorite so far. Keep posting pictures! I enjoy seeing your progress on this project.

ANudge said...

Love it - it looks so real! Your pictorial quilts are fabulous.

Needled Mom said...

That round barn is fabulous and the fabrics are perfect!!! Great job!

Chris said...

The round barn is incredible. I LOVE the mug rug....that is soooo me :)in the morning. LOL

Paula, the quilter said...

Oh my gosh, Rhonda, that mug rug is hysterical! Is it one of your patterns? I love it!

harleywife57 said...

all of your barns are incredible ! I live in northern Indiana and there are round barns around here . WOW is all I can say !!!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

oh my what a beautiful barn, you are uber-talented! Love your fabric choices.

Jill said...

Cute mug rug. Your round barn is awesome!!! It is so realistic looking! When DH and I first moved to our town 22 years ago, there was a round barn about 15 minutes from us. It was always my favorite barn.


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