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Jan 3, 2013

A is for Aardvark - BOW - "A"

Happy New Year, again everyone!
I'm already off and running in this new year with another project and loads of ideas floating around in my head.
Before I go any further, for those of you who have been following the plight of little "Buzzard Bait," she is literally running around the fields with her tail in the air happy as a calf can be. I haven't been able to get a good photo of her these days because she is so fast but I did manage this slightly fuzzy photo as she runs with the herd. Don't know where her mama is....probably somewhere with her head in a feeder....sigh!
If you're just hearing about this, here's a link back to what went on in her short dramatic little life.
Did I mention that cows can be a problem!!!
Now, on to my passions....sewing,
fabrics, threads,
BOW and BOM...!!

I'm welcoming in the New Year with another BOW (Block of the Week)
I've titled this project & the quilt
"A is for Aardvark"
It's an alphabet hand embroidery quilt using 
6 1/2 inch unfinished blocks of neutral colors with animal print squares of the same size as fillers.
I chose black DMC floss for this project because it would show up on each of my neutral blocks.
Each Thursday I'll post a new block design link on my BOM/BOW page  and on each post, hopefully.
Week 27 will be a panel as shown in the finished quilt below - Animal Kingdom.
I love hand embroidery and need the practice. The skill level is for beginners to advanced because you can add whatever method you'd like to each block.
I hope you enjoy this process and journey with me.
In the following weeks of posting design PDFs, 
some of the designs were placed out of position to better fit on the page 
and the lettering, as well. 
You may wish to position the designs as you wish in your project.
I used a light-box to illuminate the designs onto fabric and the 
marking pen 
to trace. Click on FriXion to see the product.
After stitching out the design and name, I used an iron to remove the ink, pressing from the back side of the fabric. The marking pen is a fantastic tool for us quilters!

This is the setting I used. 
It measures 50 by 55 1/2 inches.

To get things started, these six squares (measuring 6 1/2 inches) will be given away to one lucky "FOLLOWER"
leaving a comment on this post. And it's never  too late to become a FOLLOWER!

I will post the winner next week so there's plenty of time to enter.

Remember this is an honor system give-away (meaning for Followers, only), so play fair!!
Look for more give-aways as this process develops.  And there will be plenty of give-aways for all viewers of my blog in the form of "mug rugs." I have dozens of ideas in my head so look for those opportunities!!


lefuntz said...

I am a loyal follower. My favorite so far is Leafing Through the Year. Going Buggy is fun too. I keep meaning to ask about that beautiful picture on your blog. Is there a story to go with it? And will Buzzard Bait grow up to be Buzzards Loss?

Guilitta said...

I'm very disappointed. As long as I visit your blog (this a long time) and always thought you're feeling really give just about patchwork on. Now I read that there is something only for follower. I think now, it is with these gifts to the followers just about everyone has is much to blog followers, not even about to give it to just keep going. What a pity! I read a lot of blogs on a regular basis, but just as I have time on the web,I'm not a follower!

Sorry for my bad english.

Greeting Guilitta

mamypatch said...

Je viens d'enregistrer , je vais commencer...merci et bonne année

Kathy Lancaster said...

I'm a follower. love to win.

Anita said...

What a lovely BOW are you starting.
I'm a follower, it is nice to get a message when something is updated.
Thank you for the lovely patterns!

sewpatsy1 said...

Im not sure about the follower designation. But I have been reading this site for at least a year and have been doing some of your blocks. Hope to do this one too. sewpatsy1


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