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Dec 27, 2012

In These Shoes - Update & Home On the Range Story

Hope everyone is having a great holiday time.  I can't believe that this year is almost over.
It's freezing here in central Texas, around 25 degrees at night which is rare for this time of year. The temperature isn't much higher during the day.....burrrrrrrr, great sewing and reading weather.
So that's what I've been doing.  I'm stopping at nine shoes, I think. Now I just need to figure out how I want to stitch the blocks together. Any suggestions???? I'd love your input!

On a different note.....
Meet little Buzzard Bait!
He's a newbie in the herd, about 10 days old and unfortunately a color easily seen from the sky by buzzards. The other day we were feeding the cows and noticed a bunch of buzzards circling to land near this little one. They were very close to pecking her alive. Luckily we got there in time to do a quick rescue and a move closer to her mommy who was busy munching on hay.
After all that drama, for several  nights the temperature dropped to freezing and when we fed again little Buzzard Bait was nowhere to be found. Where had that mama cow hidden the little critter?  We look everywhere, hoping that the little goober made it through the cold nights.
Believe me we looked high and low, near bushes, fence rows, tall grass. How hard would it be to spot her with that near white coat?
Oh dear, she must be a goner but her mama was not worried, in fact the mama was stuffing her face with more hay and range cubes.

Then late yesterday, here she stood amongst the others.....thank goodness.
Did I mention that cows can be a pain!!


Gari in AL said...

Your shoes look great. If I would up to drawing it, I would put a suitcase as a center block and then arrange the shoes around it. I look at those spike heels and get dizzy but I do remember wearing them in the long distant past.

Sandra :) said...

Adorable shoes, but the Buzzard Bait story had me in stitches - that is the FUNNIEST name - she's adorable, and I hope she grows big quickly so her nickname no longer suits her, LOL!! Hi sweet Buzzard Bait! LOLOL!! I hope you had a great Christmas, Rhonda - winter weather arrived here a few days ago so we're cold and snowy - current temp, as I type, = -9C (16F) --- BRRRR!

Marie said...

Love the shoes, you always have the neatest ideas. However you put it together will be perfect. That sweet little calf is precious, hope those mean buzzard stay away. have a great new Year!


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