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Dec 13, 2010

Ring Me Up......Scotty

This past Friday was our chosen "Girls Day Out" and Christmas celebration.
This year we decided on shopping for fabirc (go figure)
We visited one of our favorite quilt stores.....Common Threads
in Waxahachie, TX.
The ladies are always very friendly and helpful.

We had a photo opt in front of their beautiful tree and all was well.

Look at all the stuff we bought......well, you really can't see the fabric but trust me......we shopped the house down!  After all that shopping, it was time for lunch at the Dove's Nest, a wonderful little soup, sandwich and salad place.....sorry, no pictures. By the time I thought about pictures, I had a mouth filled with delish tuna with cranberries and bean sprouts.
Next, we decided to take in a movie, "The Tourist".........which we liked because the language and nudity was nearly non-existent!!!!
As we were leaving the movie theater, Molly spied a photo booth except this one was a camera behind a curtain which was much better than us trying to stuff ourselves (the 5) into a very tiny booth.....don't ask.....but we have tried that before.  If you're wondering why my face looks slightly larger than everyone else.....it's because I was stooping down in front and believe my thighs were KILLING me........and was very close to the camera......Six photos later and a prayer that I would be able to rise again, this is our best or should I say the one that I'm willing to share with you......LOL.......so has you can see......we had a blast!!!


Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing, put a smile upon my face instantly. Glad that you had such a marvelous time! Happy Holidays.

Heidi said...

thanks for the sunday morning smile! YOu ladies are a wonderful bunch of nuts! It's great to see you enjoy yourselves! ...and again, you didn't even leave us a bite of that yummy-souding salad of yours....lol!


DaCraftyLady said...

you ladies remind me of my fun group we have so much fun be sure and visit and see some of our times out like yours. :) Friends are such a fun way to spend our time and I cracked up with your photo....too funny....Debb


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