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Sep 2, 2010

OESD Designs

Last month, you may remember, my "wacky" girlfriends and I went on an embroidery retreat in Tyler, Texas. We learned plenty, laughed alot and of course purchased several designs. This is one of them. It's "Visions of Summer by OESD. Obviously, I haven't completed it but I couldn't wait to show off my efforts from the Deer Camp retreat.  There are 12 panel to the main body of the design, which you see here, and 18 side portions that I will get done one of these days.  I was so proud of myself for sticking with it over the course of 4 days. I did learn that when a design says that the sew time is 30 minutes, it really means about 45 minutes to an hour....with changing threads, walking away to do something else and forgetting that the embroidery machine, while great, does not change those threads by itself.....unfortunately.  When all the parts are stitched out, I will need to sew them together by using a 1 inch strip between the blocks, creating a window pane effect.
There are 3 other designs in this series....Fall, Winter and Spring.  I'll get around to those, as well, one day.


Barb said...

You are slowly creeping back up there....love it!!!

JustCindy said...

That is beautiful! I didn't know there was designs like that. I'm always learning from you. Can't wait to see more.

The Calico Cat said...

Ok, now I know that OESD means Oklahoma Embroidery.., but I always think Old English Sheep Dog. Seriously EVERY TIME!

BTW November baby has requested a Fall set. :o)

Teaquilts said...

I just love the window pane designs where you can create "art" style quilts by sewing the sections together. I have a lot of them from Anita Goodesign and BFC Creations - a few from Dakota Collectibles. Now I must go search OeSD's site.

Great job on sticking to the project. I agree, the time they state for stitchout has never matched the time it actually takes in real time, even if I sit at the machine and change thread as soon as the machine stops. "They" must have a different clock than we have.

quiltingnana said...

I so enjoy seeing your work

Fiesta said...

Rhonda, I so love that. I have a thing for seasons.
Can you send me the link so I can purchase the design, please?

Kathy said...

Rhonda, looks great!!!! You have inspired me to try it.. I was scared of this!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely design!. Gorgeouse work. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Irma :)


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