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Apr 25, 2010

Feathered Star Retreat

Feathered Star Retreat......better known as Marsh, Molly, Marsh!
Molly was a fantastic hostess/teacher/inspiration!
The above Feathered Star was Molly's first from years ago.
As we all prepared our stations, she gave words of encouragment...that we could do this. Armed with those words, we dived in! 

Kathleen showed off her skills with glue and fabric....yes, that's a mini feathered star made from tiny fabric scraps and glue.......(teacher's pet)

All of my little half squares are ready to go.

My diagrams are ready to go making placement easy to spot.

TaDa....here's my wonderful green feathered star.

This is Molly's scrappy feathered star.

This is Kathleen's beautiful feathered star...notice it resembles her mini star. (teacher's pet)

Annie's two color feathered star.

Kathy's floral feathered star.
Each star was made from the same instructions and diagram....the color choices and placement really make things pop!!!!!
Many thanks and much love to our Molly!


Pat said...

I love your star......they are all nice but, of course, I love green, so yours is truly my favorite.

Patricia said...

I am very, very impressed!!!! Good job by all!!

JustCindy said...

The feathered stars are just beautiful! Hope everyone had a great time!!!

joanne lendaro said...

I just love visiting your blog, you always have the coolest pictures! Those stars are fantastic, I couldn't begin to imagine the work!! WOW!! Thanks for taking the time to share!

The Calico Cat said...

Your's is my favorite. (Though if that 2 color one had been blue & white...)

Oh & I will "NEVER" make that block...

Anonymous said...

All of the stars are wonderful! Beautiful colors and great design. Quilty friends are so much fun...even if they are the "teachers pet"! LOL

MtAiryMom said...

These are amazing! So much talent and beauty in these stars. Everything you share on your blog is absolutely gorgeous.


By all the pictures I am looking at, it seems like you had a great time! I just loved seeing all the different stars.

Patty said...

What beautiful Feathered Stars. Isn't it amazing how different fabric and colors make each one look so different.

lani said...

I love mollys first you guys must have loved this time together

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh how beautiful...Molly was right!
I've always wanted to make a feathered star...I'm going to have to get that new book now!


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