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Jan 3, 2010


My mind just shut down over the holidays.  It was like I just couldn't think of one more thing.  When this happens, I don't panic or worry.  I took myself to Wal-Mart, found a puzzle that I could live with and went to work.  This is a Larry Fanning - Art jigsaw puzzle..........(1000 piece jigsaw.........finishes @ 20"x27")...........not my favorite type but I couldn't resist this particular on.  It took about 7 days working about 2 to 3 hours a day with interruptions......LOL........so now that my brain has rebooted.......I'll get started on a project very soon.


G'G'ma said...

I understand the feeling...didn't want to cook, clean or go anywhere. I did some reading. Very nice puzzle but don't think my brain would have gotten me far. Looks like an awfully lot of same color pieces. I need my brain in gear for that kind of puzzle!!!

Enjoyed your last Ayden post.

Pokey said...

I find a puzzle a great mindless project. A friend has been telling me to put a table in my front room, just to have a puzzle on.
I think they are kinda inviting, too, although I don't want someone to put in the last pieces without me seeing!
I'll check back to see your chosen project.

Pat said...

Ah....I've not had my brain in gear very much, but that's because I am battling this respiratory issue for too many weeks now. I like your puzzle!! Can't wait to see what project you will do now with your refreshed and rebooted brain!!!

Shar said...

Great puzzle are you gonna glue it and frame it? Now that all the running around for the holidays has settled down.. I can start to relax and enjoy a few project also


Quilter Kathy said...

So glad to hear your brain rebooted! LOL
I enjoy puzzles too...great for relaxation!


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