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Apr 27, 2009

Favorite Fabric Monday/Apron Fever/Tag, I'm It!

I wanted to thank everyone who visited my blog and left a comment about the quilt I picked for the Blogger Quilt Festival. Amy really did a great job organizing and commenting on each blogger's project. Thank you Amy!!!!!
It's FFM again. I'm so happy to present this fabric as one of my most loved fabrics. This is a very old fabric which I bought over 10 years ago before the labeling on the sides of the newer fabrics. I have roughly, one half yard left. The design on this fabric reminds me of old adobe homes or homes carved out of a side of a mountain or a painting of some kind. Love this fabric!!!!!
It works well in log cabins, applique projects and some background projects, as well.

Finally! After a little over one year, I've decided what to do with the applique` butterfly panel I made on our "wacky" cruise. I made it into an apron by adding 2 1/2" side panels, a box pleated bottom (I love box pleats) and my signature very long ties. I'm telling you, I've really gotten into aprons, again. All because of a wonderful "swap hostess", So let me know what you think, I'd love to here from all my blogger friends!!!!! An apron tutorial is posted on our WackyPac blog to share with everyone.
My "wacky" friend Molly tagged me.........lulled me into a false sense of calm and then.....BAM, I was tagged..........LOL Molly................So I'm to talk about 8 things.........Easier said then done, in my case!!!!!!!! 8 things I look forward to: (1) Our wacky retreat, coming soon to a deer camp near me! (2) Shopping at one of my favorite quilt stores. (3) Watching the hummingbirds each morning. They are so cute and territorial, too. (4) Checking my blog, FaceBook & Twitter...the last two are pretty new to me but just as much fun. (5) Getting in as much sewing as I can, which seem alot more impossible these days. (6) Fishing at our small yet peaceful lake. (7) Reading before bedtime. (8) Seeing Ayden, my little pumpkin! 8 things I did yesterday: I can't remember 2 minutes ago.....lol but I'll try: Made a salad; painted my toenails pale pink; tried on several outfits; washed & styled my hair; washed 2 loads of clothes; helped my mom choose an outfit; played Solitaire; & went to dinner. 8 things I wish I could do: Drive up the west coast (Hwy 1, I think); travel to Spain; visit the Smithsonian Museum; visit Niagara Falls; See Mt. Rushmore; learn to machine quilt; write a play about the "Wackies"; & build my dream kitchen. 8 shows I love to watch: This is so easy!!! CSI-Thursday nights; Bones-Wednesday nights; Chuck-Monday nights; Courtv; DIY; The Closer; Dexter; & Jon & Kate Plus 8!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is one stylin' apron! I love it.

Pat said...

I got tagged by Molly, too...hard to think of all that stuff!!! LOL

NICE butterfly apron.

holly said...

I love this apron. It is two pretty to mess up.

Dionne said...

I love the apron, what a creative way to use your beautiful panel. But I must agree with Holly, it's so pretty, I wouldn't want to USE it!

Rose Marie said...

What a neat idea for the apron and block. You'll be a cookin' in style!


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