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Oct 3, 2008

But That's Okay, Really

The morning started as many mornings, bright, cheerful, peaceful. Too perfect! I had decided to wash all the windows from the outside. I'd prepared well in advance; mop with the squeeze thingy on the handle, rolling bucket, a stiff brush, old rags, Clorox, ammonia and Clean Shower to spritz on afterwards. I took off all the screens, hosed them off, stacked them to air dry. Now comes the situation...........as I started cleaning the sliding glass doors......I heard a strange, frightening sound......like a ping, crackling noise! The inner double paned glass just began to CRACKLE into a million pieces. I stood there in awe, marveling at the way the pane stayed in place but was broken.....this lasted for a couple of seconds, then I realized that eventually it was going to crumble onto my carpet and no amount of vacuuming or sweeping would ever remove those tiny pieces. I needed a plan......hummmm..........I needed some Elmer's glue, a sponge brush and alot of paper......which, thank goodness I had............Recipe for shattered glass: bowl of warm water; add Elmer's glue (all of it); mix well; sponge onto glass pane gently; roll out newspaper or freezer paper or tissue paper.......just roll enough out to cover the wetted surface; let dry. Now when the worker come to remove the thiny, it won't mess up the floor. Back to cleaning the windows. Finally at the end of the day, as I rinsed out the mop and rags, put away the cleaning products and was about to pour out the water in the rolling bucket......my cell phone somehow landed in the water.........!@#$%^&*(~+_)(*&^%$.....But that's Okay! Really.


mjnauert said...

Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda, my wonderful friend. I promise that I wrote my October 3rd day on my blog before reading your October 3rd day on yours. Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud. Now go read mine so that you can too.

Love, Monica

Kathy said...

Oh My! When I started reading your post I just KNEW you were going to say a bird flew into the window or something like that. Never did I think your glass broke! Isn't life just fun???? We missed you today on our road trip, but we did you PROUD -- BOUGHT LOTS OF FABRICS.

Marie said...

Hey Rhonda, sounds like your having a window cleaning good time. Just glad you didn't get cut or something like that. I have to try the soup receipe it is my kind of thing. I want you to know that i have really enjoyed my "Ike" post card from you it is so nice to look at the cards and remember the girls. I need some time to make mine but it is still on the back burner.Keep in touch. Blessings and hugs, Marie

MOLLY said...

Is the window still in tact? Boy--you did some quick thinking. Great idea with the glue/water. That's what you get for trying to clean instead of quilting. LOL All those little spider things were getting to you, weren't they?

Kath said...

You did some quick thinking there on the glue thing. That's good to know!

I hope you know that you do NOT MIX Clorox and ammonia. It puts off a poisonous gas that will kill you. Just makeing sure you know - DO NOT MIX bleach and ammonia.


Brenda said...

Absolutely fabulous save! I would never have thought of that, hopefully will never have to do it either. But, I do need to wash windows....well another day.


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