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May 2, 2022


 Funny story......

Years ago my granddad fell ill and had to go to our local hospital. My mom and my brother David went to admissions to start the paperwork. Everything was going well until mom mentioned granddad's birthdate which was May 2, 1898.  That's when my brother lost it....falling on the floor of admissions laughing hysterically.  Mom stopped mid sentence to admonish him...to no avail. He could not fathom that our granddad had been born in another century. How was this possible? Mom made him leave the building and go sit in the car. Of course I had to go with him to make sure he didn't draw more attention to himself....sigh.....little brothers are very tiresome.

When she came out, needless to say, she was very angry with brother David but he was still laughing and trying to figure out how all this could be. I wanted to hit him over the head with a heavy object.

Anyway, I want to acknowledge my granddad's birthday today. He would be 124 today. 

WOW! I can still hear my brother's laughter.

Happy Birthday to everyone whose born on May 2nd!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Funny story - my husband had an aunt born in 1895. It was easy to figure out how old she was - whatever the year was - we just added five. But it was weird when we had to enter her birth date on something one time - and entered "95" - BEFORE it was 1995 - and it wouldn't "take" - LOL - ;))

Just Ming said...

Awesome story! Thank you for sharing. My grandfather was born Sep 1900.

Joyce Carter said...

Enjoyed your story so much. I don't remember any of my grandparents. My grandmothers passed away before I was born and my grandfathers passed away when I was very young. My grandmothers were said to have quilted so I wish a thousand times over that I knew them. I think I could have learned so much from them.
(I have a younger brother too so I know what a pest they can be. LOL

Gene Black said...

Interesting! All of my grandparents were born in the very early 1900s - the youngest in 1912. Of course they have all been gone for a while now. I was lucky enough to have known all four of them.


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