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May 2, 2021

A Sad Cry - A Happy Cry

 Yesterday my cousins and I went to another funeral. It was very sad and I had to do the resolution for our church.  As a was reading, I looked over to one of the family members who is a close cousin and a classmate, well I almost lost it a couple of time but managed to pull if off and walked back to my seat in tears thanking God that He saw me through. 

All of the experience weighed on me especially after the last funeral the other day.  As we drove home, there was silence in the car. I know we were all in our own heads about the whole thing.

When I got home I must admit, I cried a bit. Mr. Cowboy didn't go to the funeral and tried his best to lift my spirits. So told me to turn on the TV and veg out. So I thought, why not.  I channeled surfed for a bit and landed on a few minutes before the actual Kentucky Derby.  As the horse were loading up, I was drawn to their skinny legs and thought, how could they manage with all the noise, etc. but I kept watching and the announcer said, "And they're off!"  The first thing I observed was the white-ish horse in the lead.....the next thought was.....wow, there are a lot of horses....please don't bump into one another...that would not be good!! As things progressed I began to see the beauty of the horses, those skinny legs flying.....then there were four vying for the lead to the finish.....I found myself off my feet....hollering, "come on babies don't get hurt and fly, fly like the wind!"  One horse won out but as I was crying with tears of happiness my thoughts were how awesome God is to have created something so beautiful.....and how bless am I to have known a wonderful cousin who suffered for a little while but now is a rest in the Lord.

Thank you all for listening to my strange happenings.  Stay save everyone!! 


Gene Black said...

Funerals always "get me" - I cry even if I barely knew the person, because I see others in pain and weighed down by grief.

I think the Derby reminded you that life is beautiful and it goes on. And for that we are truly thankful.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Gene. I think you are correct my friend.


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