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Mar 22, 2021

Spring Has Sprung & I'm So Glad

 Greetings everyone. Wow! I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted. Warning, this post will be filled with photos of the goings on around the farm and a couple of my favorite commercial videos thrown in.

First, my neighbor sold his old farm house and had it moved about 7 miles away.

Four days of digging, hammering, lifting, dragging & more cussing than I ever want to listen to again.....the house was finally on the truck....however, it was getting dark so the sheriff's deputy get the movers would have to start for the new destination in the morning....guess what?! They left the house right in the middle of the road all night long. Mind you, this is a 1 1/2 car road as it is, so they blocked all traffic overnight.  Some of the people who live further down from me were stymied when trying to make it home that night. Of course there's a different route they can take but I can imagine them driving home & all of a sudden there's a house in the middle of the road & you can't get around it & you're wondering, "Have I lost my mind!"

Then there were the 2 snow & ice storms......OMG!!!!!

I was so afraid that the over a hundred year oak tree was going to fall over from all that ice on its branches but thank goodness it stood strong.  As you might have heard, the power was out for days & the water as well. Thank goodness we have a generator which powered the whole house. We even had Internet capability throughout.

Before all all the snow happened, Mr. Cowboy decided he wanted a new garage but I'm naming it the "doghouse" ....hehehehehehehehe.
I'll take photos as things progress. The guys are kind of backed up from all the bad weather.

Finally, here are two of my favorite commercials.  Every time I see them, I nearly fall over with giggles.

Do you have any commercials that you love to watch over and over?



Gene Black said...

Hi Rhonda. I thought about all of my Texas friends during the time of that snow storm. I am glad y'all survived mostly unscathed.

I am surprised that they Sheriff's deputy let them leave the house there all night. That is insanely dangerous. I can think of too many disasters that it could have caused.

Marie said...

Hi Sweet Fiend, I miss your notes so much! Glad things are getting back to normal. I had my second covid shot on Friday and boy have I been hurting they I should wake up tomorrow all better . Sure hope so I have a big order and only two weeks to get it done. Take care and stay well both you and Mr. Cowboy! Hugs, Marie


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