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Oct 6, 2020

The Eyes Have It!

 Before I begin this post......does anyone have suggestions as to how I can respond to the comments left on each post. I'm at a loss. I use to get notifications via email but now.....NOTHING. It's frustrating because I really want to respond.  HELP!!!!!!!


So, when I taught fourth graders, each Friday was art day. We had a blast. I'd stand at the chalkboard with a large piece of paper taped to it and all my pencils at hand. The kids were seated at their desks with all their pencils and colors. That's one of the things I miss greatly.  Anyway, I decided to pick up drawing again.  It will take some time to get back up to speed so I'm grateful for youTube lessons.

I was using Mr. Cowboy's golf pencils so the shading is not very good at all.  I'll need to practice these steps several time over until I'm happy with the look.
Until next time. Stay safe everyone!!!



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You make it look so easy!! - ;))

Gene Black said...

First of all, if you did that with golf pencils, I am totally impressed.

As for the comments, I don't remember how to do it, but at one point I had to subscribe to comments on my blog to get them so I could respond.

swooze said...

When I was in college I took a drawing class. The final project was a life size self portrait. The teacher told us to not wait as it would take time to really develop the picture. He wasn’t lying! Lots of laters of lines!

Text Generator said...

great! the perfect tips to draw eyes.


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