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Jun 22, 2020

June 22nd?!

How has this month nearly gotten away from me?!  What have I been doing, you asked?  Well let's see.
First I was watching the little ones:
I'll bet you thought I was talking about the grands....hehehehehe! Nope, can you see the two spotted fawns?  They like to camp out in my yard in the afternoons around 5ish.  When I went to the front door to take a photo, they heard me but didn't know from which direction I was. They froze in place. They were too cute.  I was able to get a couple of pics before they scampered off.
Then I:::::
Did some canning of tomatoes.  All I did here was chop up a bunch of tomatoes into a very large pot. Poured sugar over them and allowed them to set for a couple of hours to draw some of the liquid from the tomatoes. Then I brought the mixture to a rolling boil, reduced to a simmer & cooked for about 4 hours until most of the juice had simmered away. Because I didn't can these in a hot bath, I placed the jars in the frig until I'm ready to eat some and give some away.

I've been flower gardening......don't laugh.........I know what you're thinking. At no time during the time I've known "her" has she ever been involved with flowers!!!! And you would be correct but a couple of my girlfriends talked me into this and off I went......SIGH!!!
Until next time....cross your fingers that I don't kill the garden.
What have you been doing in June??

1 comment:

Gene Black said...

I have been painting as I am taking a class on finding your artistic voice in painting. I am still isolating a lot, having worked in disease control/emergency planning, I know the potential risks.


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