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May 13, 2020


I thought the title would interest you!! LOL
The other week Mr. Cowboy and #2 son took the hay cutter apart. OMG! What a greasy mess they made and of course Mr. Cowboy got some of the gunk on his jeans.
Him: Can you get this stuff out?
Me: Oh, oh, uh, I don't think so!
Him: Sure you can. You can do anything.
Me: (Under my breath) Yea right.....uuuugggggg! (Out loud) I'll try dear.
I soaked the jeans in Dawn dishwashing liquid, then scrubbed them with an old stiff brush. Next I sprayed them with Simple Green and finally washed them in the laundry....ALONE.
The results was pretty good. The grease didn't come out totally but you could barely see it.

Back to the hay fields for Mr. Cowboy in his clean Jeans.
Other than taking care of laundry, mowing the yard, baling hay and doing a bit of canning, we've been staying close to home and enjoying the cool  spring rainy weather.
Everyone stay safe.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yup - the title got me!! "Hay cutter guts" reminds me of the time my husband took a computer apart and showed me "computer guts" for the first time - it's fascinating what it takes to make something work. And of course you can do anything - and you did - so sure you can - LOL - ;))

Gene Black said...

Ha ha... I use Dawn as my secret laundry degreasing tool too.

Joni said...

My favorite gets anything out combo is Dawn and White Vinegar as a pre-wash and then oxyclean with regular detergent. Gets most anything clean. My tractor spewed hydrolic fluid this week and it came out of my jeans and work shirt. Amazing stuff!

Needled Mom said...

My go to degreaser is Disolv-it. Glad you were successful.

Rhonda said...

Those are all great tips. I'll keep them in mind!!


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