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Apr 15, 2019

Lookie What I Found

I'm still spring cleaning and let me just say that I'm finding it very difficult yet easy. Difficult because I have to look thru everything; easy because I find that I can let go of a lot of stuff.
These two things I'll not be parting with.
  The liquid bluing is from my grandma's stuff. I found the bottle in the far back of my medicine cabinet. I remember her using bluing when she washed clothes in a big black iron wash-pot with a blazing fire underneath. She would often caution us to stay away from the fire.  The Jiffy tooth medicine was also in the cabinet. There just a small amount of it left.
Do you have things stashed away from long ago? I'd love to know what you have and the memories that come to mind.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I love finding things stashed from long ago - they bring back such memories. I have ornaments on my Christmas tree that the kids made in grade school - I smile every time I see them - ;))

Gene Black said...

I have to ask if the toothache drops are made of clove oil. We had something like that when I was small. I loved the smell of it.
I have a more modern bottle of bluing in my laundry room. LOL

Margie said...

I remember both of these. My Grandmother used the bluing for laundry, I'm sure, but she also used it on he gray hair. Was suppose to make it look whiter. Remember too, the cloves tooth oil medicine. My mother had that in our house. Still love the smell of cloves. If you find a bottle of castor oil please throw that stuff in the garbage!!!

Needled Mom said...

My grandmother and mom always used the bluing. I have a bottle that I use a drop or two in my fountain to keep it clean. I keep all sorts of crazy stuff.

Barb said...

What a wonderful find...I love love antiques...I have an old purex and clorox glass bottle and can't part with them. It is so hard to throw out

Susan said...

Great finds, and I remember bluing, but not washing in iron pots. I don't have things like that. My family always seemed to be rolling stones! Somewhere I have a tiny purse and lipstick that was my mothers, and that's about it.


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