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Dec 27, 2018

String Quilts

My good friend Gene asked about my string quilts. He hadn't seen them in a while, so I'm reposting some of the ones I've done in the recent past.  Most come from scraps left over but the majority come from me cutting in the vast amount of fabric I have stored away and needing to refold. That's when I find most of the ideas of new string quilt designs....I know some of you know exactly what I talking about. The, "Oh wow, when did I buy that fabric," or "I didn't know I even had that one."
This one was a string challenge from my Wacky group.

 I couldn't find the photo of the whole quilt on this one but the close up is of some of my favorite fabrics.
This one was from strips of fabrics from many other projects.

 This one is from my red, white and black period. The rose fabric came from a quilt shop in San Antonio, TX. Funny how I can remember that and can't remember where I put my car keys.
 This was from some cowboy fabrics I had left over.
 On clue when I made this one but I do remember the 1 inch off white strip I used as an eye-popper.
 I was playing around with tone on tones in this one with dark fabrics to show off the tones.
 This one was made with all of my green fabrics. Green is my favorite color. I used several red fabric to bring out the center of the diamonds and then did a small red first border.
 Here, I was given some pink floral fabric from a lady's grandmother. I made the quilt you see for myself and made one for her as well.
 Pink, again. This one was made at the request of Ayden, my granddaughter. At the time she loved pink.
 Another red, white and black quilt. This is one design that I make often because it's a quick one and I never get tired seeing the fractured diamond effect.
 Another fractured diamond quilt but this time not only do you see the star in the middle but also the outlining border of brown and gray which is more pronounced than the one in the red/white/black one.
 Again, leftover fabric. I threw in the green as an accent and added the ABC at the last.
 I was just playing around with more scraps in this one. (Fractured diamond)
 Green/black/gray was used here...another fractured diamond type.
This one was made last year for a veteran.
Finally, this one was made a very long time ago, like 1998-ish.....LOL!!
So, that's the end of my string tour.
To see more strings from other bloggers click HERE!


Gene Black said...

Ha ha.... "I didn't know I even had that one." That is me many times when I dig deep in my stash.

I do remember seeing some of these now. You tend to have "organized color" in yours so I didn't remember that they were string quilts.

Needled Mom said...

Your strings are gorgeous, Rhonda. You mean other people wonder WHY they bought THAT fabric too? I thought I was the only one. lol It seems like strings are the new thing for 2019 with so many string QALs coming up.

Rhonda said...

I'm thinking to do several strings in 2019.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness, you certainly have a collection of some fabulous string quilts...one amazing lady for sure.

Susan said...

I added several of those to my pinterest strings page. They are just too beautiful!

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