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May 24, 2018

After Six Years

I know this is a poor photo but bare with me. See that prickly thing in the center of the plant? That's the results of  Mr. Cowboy and my endeavor to grow a pineapple from the cut off part of a fresh pineapple........I know by this point you are scratching your heads thinking, 'what is she babbling about?'  Well, Mr. Cowboy has insisted that I keep this little project going until something happens. I tried moving the plant to the other side of the house or to the front or back porch and he's always ask what I'd done with the silly thing. So you see, I couldn't just throw it away although I thought of that many, many times over the years.
The other day I looked over and discovered that growth.....out of nowhere. Of course Mr. Cowboy was quick to say, "See, I told you something would grow!"
I don't think anything else will grow but now he's really excited to carry on with the experiment. Stay turned. Of course this could take another six years.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Six years? Good for you for keeping it alive that long! It would never survive my ministrations, for sure. Speaking of husbands and plants....mine decided he should plant some lemon and orange seeds and now we have two plants doing quite well. A LONG way from bearing fruit though!

Joyce Carter said...

The poor thing wouldn't have survived at my house. It is good that it is finally producing something. Maybe it will grow very fast now, but either way, it will be interesting to watch it.

Vicki H said...

Wow, do you have patience. I cant' keep any house plants alive more than a year.

Gene Black said...

Wow, you may just succeed in growing your very own pineapple!

Gene Black said...

FYI Pineapple flowers

Needled Mom said...

Woohoo!!! So glad that it finally set fruit for you.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My grandson married a Cuban girl. They had pineapple on their wedding day and then she put the top in water to try to get roots. Now I can see what she is going for. SIX years huh? Interesting.
xx, Carol

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