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Dec 7, 2017

Ah, December!

Sorry, no photos in this post. I'm here to talk about the last month of the year in Texas. It's been about 15 or so years since I've purchased a winter coat. In fact, I can't find and don't remember the color of the last one. I'm saying this because it has gotten cold around the farm all of a sudden.
I'm sure you've all heard, just wait a few minutes for the weather to change here in Texas!!! Well, it did, from 75 degrees the other day to 38 degrees with sleet all day today. Plus the wind is about 5 mph. I know that 5mph doesn't sound very much except when you add the cold and dampness. 

Burrrrrrrrr!  I'm a summer kind of girl. I can cool off much faster than I warm up.
Oh dear, I'll need to purchase coat and quick.  Mr. Cowboy went out to feed the critters all bundled up in his overalls, a skull cap under his cowboy hat, gloves, boots......the works.
I'm already praying for spring.....LOL.
What's your favorite season and why?
I'm thinking I'll do a FQ give away from the comments.  Mr. Cowboy will love pulling a name from the old cowboy hat so leave a comment to participate.


Gene Black said...

I like spring for the new growth and first flowers of the year. But I prefer nice warm weather all the time!

Margie Crewse said...

It's 29 this morning here in Oregon. Think I'll take cold over heat.I get terrible headaches when I get to hot. Take care!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am SO not a winter person - hibernation is what I'd like to do, for sure. Woke up to snow this morning - yuck. I'm a summer person through and through!

diane said...

Oh Rhonda I feel for you. It's truly miserable when you're not used to it. This MN girl likes the cold over heat/humidity but it does take some getting used to it as I get older. Between spring and fall it's hard to decide which is my favorite. Even winter used to be a favorite of my when playing in the snow was more my style, but now to do a little shoveling is the most I play with the snow.

Linda Schiffer said...

try to take pleasure from every season of the year ... but, in truth, Spring is my favorite.

:) Linda

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I would say spring because SUMMER does not start until the end of June. But my favorite is when the weather changes in April to warm enough to work outside in the yard and talk to my frogs.

My soon to be granddaughter -in-law is from Port Lavaca and came here when the floods took over that area. She has a HUGE adjustment to our current 30 degree with snow weather.
xx, Carol

Joyce Carter said...

I know what you mean about the weather. It dropped about 30 degrees in a day. Now we are supposed to get ice or snow tomorrow. And very cold weather! I don't like the cold at all.
My favorite season is Spring because everything is coming alive again. And I so look forward to the warmer weather. Stay warm!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like cooler weather much more than the heat and humidity of summer - but I don't like having to deal with the snow of winter - so I guess my favorite season would be Fall/Autumn - when it starts to cool down and we get into the holidays with Halloween - Thanksgiving - and Christmas - ;))

Vicki H said...

Rhonda, you are too funny. I grew up in MN and moved to Kansas when I got married at 21. We have been here 40 years now and I still don't care for the heat, but winters are very tolerable. My favorite season is spring.

ckrut said...

My absolute favorite season is summer, and I live in southern Illinois where we have all four seasons. Would miss the spring and fall, but not old man winter! Love those gully babies.

Lynne Stucke said...

My favorite season is spring. Thankfully, I am not bothered by pollen, so I absolutely LOVE seeing everything coming 'back to life' after all the long grey days of winter, as well as the lengthening of days that come with the time change in March.

Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it!

cemile duraz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alycia Quiltygirl.com said...

You got our weather!! i personally love fall - but this year - fall was like 2 days!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you it definitely isn't winter! LOL Maybe spring because the world comes alive again. That's nice to watch. It's a time of more hope, too. Definitely spring. I keep hearing about this terribly cold time y'all are having down there. It is so un-Texas like, from my experiences, but that's mostly west Texas and far south Texas, down by Pharr. I know it gets cold in Amarillo when the wind sweeps across the prairie, and I've been there when there was snow on the ground, too. I hope it warms up again before you have to go buy that coat!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I think my favorite would have to be Spring! The cold from winter is finally over and I can open the windows and let the clean breezes in. I start looking forward to new plants in the big pots on my porch.

Barb said...

I love Spring, just a feeling of renewal and the smell that livens the soul...


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