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Oct 22, 2017


Although I don't like insects, well anything that flies, crawls, slithers, creeps, buzzes, etc., I like some of their structures. The dragonfly's wings are very fascinating to me. The tiny veins that you can see in the photo, are so finely do that I could study them for some time. It's the science teacher that still in me, I suppose.
Anyway, I found this dragonfly on the grill of my Jeep in near perfect condition and had to get a picture of it. Mr. Cowboy just laughed but did suggest getting as close as my IPhone camera could get.
It's possible that one day, I'll make an attempt to make a mini quilt from the regal dragonfly. You never know!!


Gene Black said...

The Dragonfly is a worthy subject.

Joyce Carter said...

I am not crazy about insects of any kind either, but I do love watching the dragonflies and the butterflies.Their wings are so delicate--it is like looking through sheer fabric.

Angie in SoCal said...

You got pretty darn close. What webbing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Dragonflies are definitely fascinating - I"m always amazed by the varieties of colours in their wings.


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