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Sep 23, 2017

Celebrate Countdown Part 3

Slept on what to do with this eagle. I added a light brown border then found some patriotic fabric in my stash to dress up the block. So far so good!!
However, my mind has gone in yet another direction. So that eagle is tabled for the moment. 

Here's the eagle I'm working on now.
The star design is one that I've use many times and is perfect for what I have in mind. I've use several shades of greens and golds on my HST and tone-on-tones.
I really like this eagle with its beak open. I've used permanent markers and crayons to highlight feathers and the bold brow on the eagle.
Here's the finished top measuring 54 inches square.
Magpie's Mumblings is the winner of the second FQ!! Congratulations to you. Blue and purple are her colors for now, so I'll be sending out the color BLUE to her as soon as we talk via email. I don't have much purple in my stash, if you can believe that.
Remember to leave a comment and mention your favorite color to participate in the give away. If you've already won a FQ, you can still win again.

Here's another pic of the little firecracker!!
Have a great weekend everyone.


Gene Black said...

Wow! The star design makes an excellent background for the eagle.
And the little firecracker is even more adorable in this photo.
Fave color- Yellow.

Joyce Carter said...

WOW! Rhonda, this one is really awesome! I love the star design and the eagle really looks great with it. You are soooo talented.
Awww! The baby is so adorable. She is as cute as can be.I would love to have a little firecracker in my life just like her.
Favorite color-green. Thank you for the chance.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Double wow for me! First wow is what you've done with the eagle face and the second wow is that I'm so lucky!!! I LOVE blue so I will be more than thrilled to add some more to my stash....thank you so much!

Needled Mom said...

Both eagles are spectacular. I love the way you are doing the first one. Are there suppose to be two HSTs in the right border of the second one or is that a star design new to me?

That little one is just precious. Looks like she loves life.

Favorite color - yellow.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Congratulations to Magpie's Mumblings on your win! The RED FQ that I won in the first giveaway arrived in the mail yesterday - and is a beautiful shade of red - I can't wait to use it.

Your eagles are awesome! The added fabrics on the first one dress it up nicely. The second one is very life-like and far beyond my artistic abilities - very well done. I also agree with Needled Mom - it looks to me like you might be missing two HST in your right border.

Today - my favorite color is PURPLE/BLUE. Thanks for letting me play again even though I already won - but just to be fair - if I DO win a second time - please draw another name so someone else can be the lucky recipient of some pretty "squishy mail".

And your little firecracker is adorable!! I love her hat!! - ;))

Angie in SoCal said...


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the pic of that child!! Kids just make your heart jump, don't they. You really sparked the first eagle with the patriotic fabric.
Favorite color of the day is Aqua or Turquoise.

Thanks for continuing to blog.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's even better than the last two. I like this eagle kick your on. We can call this, in future generations, your Eagle Period. LOL


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