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Aug 22, 2017


I don't know if you can clearly see this bad boy or not but it's a four foot rattler my son Gabriel was lucky enough to escape injury. The snake crawled very near to where he was working. Someone else killed it, thank goodness. Gabriel immediately sent me a photo. When I saw it, I nearly dropped my phone. Thank The Lord nobody was hurt!
Did I mention that I don't like anything that crawls, slithers, flies, creeps, gallops, flutters, etc. You get the picture and this snake was nowhere near me.  Eeeeeeeek!


Gene Black said...

EEEK! Brrrr.....ugh!
Keep your slithery snake body far from me, Mr Rattles.

I am glad the only casualty was the snake.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't have a problem with snakes unless they're the kind that can hurt me. So glad your son is safe!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I absolutely HATE snakes. ALL snakes. I'm so happy that your son is safe and someone had a good eye! We had a mud snake in the pond again a week ago. My grandson's daughter was raised in Miami then Texas. She said she'd catch it, but by the time she got around the pond it was out and in the bushes. Someone said to toss moth balls around the pond and it will deter them. I hope it works.
xx, Carol

Calicojoan said...

I'm with Carol on this one. I hate snakes too. I don't even like worms! LOL!!! I've always told my hubby the first time I see one around here we are moving. There's a irrigation ditch right behind my house and I know they are there, but I prefer to not acknowledge that fact! :-)
So glad no one was hurt with that ucky guy!

Anonymous said...

An old fellow who got to close to the wrong folks!


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