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Jun 20, 2017

What??? Figs!!!

This morning I was minding my own business because Mr. Cowboy was off to the hay fields. I was all set to "think" about sewing something when the phone rang. It was Mr. Cowboy no less, asking if I wanted some figs. As I hesitated to answer, he broke into my thoughts of how to get out of this situation, "Good, I'll bring them right over to the house. Better still, meet me half way," then he hung up.
Deep breaths, inner peace, inner peace, more deep breaths!
Off I went to meet him half way.  Four Wal-Mart grocery bags filled to the tippie top later.............!!!
Lots of trimming stems adding sugar and I also added some marinated orange slices into the large pot.
Lots of stirring as the mixture started to boil so that it wouldn't stick to the bottom of the pot....whispering to myself.....inner peace, inner peace, inner peace.
13 pints later.....canned figs. 
 Mr. Cowboy must sense my mood because he has failed to come in for lunch.......hehehehehehehehehehe!!
Rule #1 - Never plan anything.
Rule #2 - Don't even think about planning anything.
Rule #3 - Don't answer the phone but if you do, remember rule #1!!
My recipe for figs are as follows:
No measurements here.
Figs, a large pot full, rinsed, trimmed of stems
To the figs add a bag of sugar, two pounds if you don't want it too sweet or if you're like me, the four pound bag works just fine.
Bring to a boil and then to a simmer for at least 30 to 45 minutes. You will need to stir when mixture is boiling so that it doesn't stick.
Now can the figs in mason jars and the hot bath. This type of canning is easily found on the Internet.


swooze said...

Ooh please bring me a jar when you come to the mesquite show this weekend!! 😬

Needled Mom said...

I go along with rule #1!!! I'm not a fig fan, but I am sure they will be delicious.

Joyce Carter said...

WOW! Those look so delicious! I really love figs, but there aren't any around here that I know of. My mom use to make fig preserves all the time when I was little. They were really good early in the morning.

Vicki H said...

The only figs I've had is in a fig newton. What will you do with the canned figs?

Gene Black said...

I am eagerly awaiting the figs here getting ripe. I make lots of fig preserves. Yummm...and you can flavor them so many ways. I love making a lemon ginger version of fig preserves.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh gosh! fresh figs! Yup, lots of work but man, aren't they good!!
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Well, darn. Hard to know when something is a blessing or not. LOL You'll enjoy them, though. I hope you can steal sewing time later by opening a jar of figs instead of cooking something. =)

Barb said...

SMiling here.....

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