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Jun 6, 2017

Next Foot & A Winner

These two, as you can see are from my two favorite machines. I don't use the Pfaff one very often now because I'm on the Janome most of the time when sewing fever strikes me. I use the darning foot or embroidery foot to free motion quilt some of my mini quilts. I'm just learning to stitch around the raw edges with it. It's frightening because I really have to pay attention to what I doing....LOL.
Remember, if you leave a comment, you are in the hat for a FQ. The color will be your choice.
Mr. Cowboy popped in from the hay fields for a quick tuna sandwich so I had him to draw from the "hat" for another FQ winner.
Joyce Carter, you are a winner! Congratulations!!!!!! Just email me your mailing addy along with your favorite color and I'll get that in the mail very soon.

Do not get excited!!!! I repeat, do not get excited.
I am still not back in my sewing room but I did stumble upon this top that I hadn't taken a photo of.
Some of you may remember this quilt from a month or so ago. At that time I was really trying to get rid of some of my bag of scraps but, alas, that bag just seemed to grow. You know how that is, right?
This top measures 67" by 83"
The piano Key border took as long to assemble as the Fractured Diamond part but I'm happy the way it turned out.
I always feel guilty when I'm unable to respond to your comment, if you are a Non-responder but please know that I am always happy you all visit.


Joyce Carter said...

YAY!! Thank you sooo much.( Will get in touch with you.)

I have this foot, but have never used it. I keep saying I am going to learn FMQ, But it kinda scares me. Since you have been talking about feet, I have realized that I only use a couple that came with my machine. Some I don't even know what they are for. It is like all those beautiful stitches that are on my machine. I don't use them either.

Thanks again.( Please don't count this since I have already won.

Needled Mom said...

I like to use the open toe darning foot so I know where I am going.

I hear ya about the piano keys. They take forever!!

Vicki H said...

I don't think I have a foot like that, I'll have to check my accessory box. I have done a piano border like that and see that it would take a long time.

tushar soni said...

Scott McRobie
Scott McRobie

Gene Black said...

I have several variations of darning feet for FMQ. I generally use a closed toe foot, but sometimes the open toe foot is a better choice.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have never free motion quilted...yet. But I am sure I will as I become a more experienced quilter. Congratulations to Joyce.
xx, Carol

barcord said...

I know about the scary FMQ. I think its just not how my brain is wired, and I'm scared to ruin any tops I piece. Piano keys do make a lovely finish to some quilts. Yours works well.xx

lefuntz said...

I love quilting on my Janome. I have a clear foot that makes it easier to see where I'm stitching. I'm not very good at it ... yet.

Anonymous said...

How interesting the feet are so different in size! That's another one I don't have, but I don't FMQ. Or darn. =) Love your scrappy quilt.


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