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Jun 2, 2017

My Right Foot

This little foot is my #1 stitching foot. It stays on my Janome so I have to make a conscience effort to remove it when I decide to do machine embroidery.
And, no, I'm still not sewing yet.
I was sitting around the house waiting for the guys to come in from the hay fields for lunch when I decided to clean my machine. I noticed all the "feet" I have for each machine (I have 3 at thie point) & thought about the one I use & love the most.
BTW, this foot did not come with any of my machines. I purchased it via Amazon!!
What's your favorite foot or most used foot? Let's talk feet!!
I'll come back with some updates about this post and your feedback as well. 
Since I'm stuck not sewing, I think I'll do a fat quarter give away from those who respond using a random number thingy or have Mr. Cowboy draw a name or two.


swooze said...

When I read the title somehow I saw it as my broken foot. Wow was I glad I read wrong!

Yes weather in Dallas has been unusually overcast and dreary. I've been walking the dogs a good deal so it's been good for that but really sun...come out and play!

Hope you get out of your sewing slump soon.

Ravanna Morgan said...

Good morning, busy here at the moment making herbal oils, have to get out and start picking the cherries and mulberries in a few. Hope you get back to sewing soon, I know the feeling. Working on a very large upholstery job, but miss my creative sewing. My favorite foot for one of my domestics is the 1/4" foot following by my clear open toed foot, for my big girl (commercial industrial) it would the piping walking foot( have them in a number of sizes). Enjoy the day and always enjoy seeing your creation.

Margie Crewse said...

My walking foot is always on my machine unless I'm putting in a zipper. Oregon is cloudy and cool just like I like it!! We are making a day trip to the coast today just for fun. Take Care!

Gene Black said...

I have three favorite feet. My quarter inch foot for precision piecing (of course.) But if I am "free piecing" then the standard zigzag foot is my favorite - and if I set the needle width at 5.5 the edge on it is 1/4 inch also. (a handy tip I learned from the dealer.) And third is a no-name darning/free motion foot that I bought on eBay.

Regina said...

My most used foot is my 1/4" foot. Next is the darning foot, I use it for free motion, and last is my walking foot. I use my walking foot mostly for binding and jelly roll sewing.

Needled Mom said...

I think my 1/4" foot with the lip is the one I use most often, but the walking foot is a close second.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Omgosh! My LITTLE FOOT!! I bought mine about 25 years ago. When I bought a second machine a couple of years ago I ordered another. I hardly ever use a different foot unless it's a specialty foot such as walking or if I need to zig zag. It's a necessity.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Little Foot - I have such fond memories of Lynn Graves and her shop in Chama, NM. After her husband died, she moved east to live with her daughter. I believe she is gone herself now, but I'm glad that her wonderful foot is still available.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Lynn Graves first brought that foot out. It really had an impact on quilting! She was so creative and the nicest lady. I miss her.


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