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May 12, 2017

It's Wild Around Here

Warning!!!   Warning!!!   Warning, Will Robinson!!!!  Okay, sorry I couldn't help myself with that opening from Lost In Space which was one of my favorite TV shows way back when. But seriously, if you're squeamish, look away NOW!!!
All the photos were taken with my iPhone. It's a handle thing since my camera is always misplaced.
As most of you know who follow me, I live in the country where there are plenty of wild things lurking about. In the above photo you are seeing a mole.......dead, thanks to my cousin Clark. This critter had been wrecking my yard for weeks leaving giant mole mounds. Clark is the local mole exterminator & he offered to "take him out" so to speak.
He did it!!! The mole was very crafty but Clark was patient. Look at the teeth on this thing....OMG!!!
I'm sure this isn't the end of my mole problem but it sure feels good to know that the granddaddy of all moles is no longer.  Thank You Clark!!!
Update:  Here's the latest photo of little "Show Girl," Showee for short. She stopped, posed for me, even started towards me in curiosity, then backed up. She's so funny to watch. Fairly soon afterwards she realized that her mom had moved off so off she dashed with her little tail in the air.
This beauty was fluttering about as I was gathering up some fallen branches after the big storm the other night. I was able to get quite close for the pic. This photo doesn't lend the beautiful coloring.
Finally, this is a photo of a branch/creek that fun thru the back forty. I'm thinking of doing a mini quilt from this pic.....if I have enough energy after all the hay baling.  We'll see.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and a nice Mother's Day.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We have moles too...I guess. I feed the birds and there are always tunnels so I'm assuming they are made by moles. I once had a Labrador Retreavor that was my "Cousin Clark". Once I watched her watching a leave half buried in the dirt only to see her catch a mole that popped his head out from under it. Last week I watched a Hawk doing Sentry Duty back by the pond trying to get one, but he grew tired and flew off.
Happy Mother's Day.
xx, Carol

Needled Mom said...

That's a big mole. Glad that you caught it before more damage was done. The markings on the calf are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your place. That creek looks like it would be great to ponder by ... if there aren't a lot of bitey bugs! Your little cow is so sweet faced! I always want to catch butterfly color, but I think there's a shimmer the camera just cannot catch. That's a beauty anyway.


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