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Mar 8, 2017

Mini Wednesday

The Navy is my last Armed Services block. I will be adding some neat additions to the overall theme in the weeks to come.
This block's color scheme was too fun because I got to use several landscaping fabrics from my stash.
Interesting fact #1 If  Naval personnel area assigned to submarine duty, they are asked to do so first due to claustrophobia concerns and the technical nature of service.  

Interesting fact #2 Bravo Zulu means "Well Done!"

Interesting fact #3 Bell Bottom trousers worn by naval personnel, can be used as a life preserver by knotting the legs and swinging them over the head to fill the lets with air.

I know it's hard to see but above are the letters, in reverse, I'll be placing around the ship.

Interesting fact #4 Scuttlebutt is the Navy tern for "rumor!"


Here are all five blocks. I'm so happy with them all. Now onward!!!


Gene Black said...

Great work. I enjoyed the Navy trivia too. I have a friend who was a submariner. He spent most of his Naval career on a sub. Me? I am too claustrophobic to do that.

Needled Mom said...

Yeah Navy!! That was the branch "we" were in. Great job, Wanda.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love this block and the info you shared. Who would have thought bell bottomed trousers would have a dual purpose? Cool!! I'm pretty sure I would not want to be on a sub. I'm not claustrophobic, but I don't think I'd like to spend that much time under water.
xx, CArol


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