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Feb 15, 2017

Mini Wednesday

👀👀👀👀With two blocks under my belt, I decided on the US Army emblem to focus on next.
There were several emblems/seals for the Army. I chose the one below because it had the least amount of parts.

This is the clipart image that I chose to work with. I enlarged it 135% then traced on the back with a Sharpie. Remember if you're planning to do something like this, you will be working/tracing off the images from the reverse side.
Here's a bit of trivia about the Army. The Army was the last in the Armed Forces to adopt an official song. Can you guess what it is? 
"The Army Goes Rolling Along" of course!!!
Here are all the fabrics I've pulled so far to use in this block. Most are small scraps from the previous blocks but I did dig up some larger pieces from my stash.

Another tidbit about the Army, some are noted as "Rangers." These are considered the elite light infantry soldiers.  Their motto is "Rangers lead the way!"
As I work my way thru the design, I like to make as many of the smaller pieces before adding them to the larger component.

Did you know that the Army is the oldest branch of the Armed Forces? The Army was officially formed June 1775 by the Second Continental Congress.
Now the eagle is nearly completed. All I need to do is add the items held in its claws.

I will need to make an olive branch and 13 arrows. These two symbols mean that America has a strong desire for peace but will always be ready for war. 

If you're wondering why there's a hole in my blue fabric, not to worry!! I like to keep the heaviness of the adhesive down to a minimum. By cutting away the center of each circle then pressing each into place, the allows for that outcome.

In the eagle's beak is a ribbon which has written on it "E pluribus Unum" which means "Out of Many."

Finally managed the olive branch and arrows. Next step the outer circle and then I'll mount the whole thing onto my background fabric.
It took several auditions before I was happy with this background which a pale, mottled taupe. 

Here are the three completed blocks. Only two more to go before I choose a proper setting!!


swooze said...

Wow what a lot of detailed work. These blocks look great!

Gene Black said...

It certainly looks good! I am enjoying the process and progress on this quilt.

Needled Mom said...

Not only am I loving these blocks, I am enjoying the tidbits that you are telling us about the different branches. Beautiful work!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This was certainly interesting to me. My husband enlisted in the Army while the Viet Nam war was on. But he was sent to Korea at the DMZ when North Korea captured the Pueblo. His brother was a paratrooper in Viet Nam. Each and every block you are creating is a tribute to a lot of very brave men.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the tidbits, too. I was an army brat of a career officer, my husband was an Army vet, and there have been many others. My son followed my FIL in his Navy enlistment, and one brother is an outlier by joining the Air Force. Your emblems are really terrific and honor a lot of men and women from the past and today.

sumon tripura said...

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