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Feb 10, 2017

A New Respect for the Produce Isle

Last Friday evening Mr. Cowboy brought 50lbs of potatoes, a bushel of tomatoes, 12 lettuces & a number of honey dew melons to the house. Need I say, "Oh my gosh!" I was a bit overwhelmed but determined.
I couldn't turn away the opportunity to can the tomatoes so out comes my canning equipment.
Here's what all that peeling, chopping & backache produced:
As for all those potatoes.....most were rotten but I was able to find enough to make potato soup.
I cut up most of the lettuce for a giant salad for the Super Bowl party & sliced up the melons as a tasty sweet treat. 
I salute the the workers who have to sort all those fruits & veggies!!


Itools Mobile Service said...

I love Tomatoes. Looking Good... Kindly visit us @ apple Service center in Chennai

Gene Black said...

Out of those, the tomatoes would have been my favorite too.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yay You. I was a city girl that taught myself to can. When my daughter was a baby I canned everything I could lay my hands on. Then I had to go back to work when Terry was laid off for 2 years back in '80. We had a bunch of guys over putting a new roof on the house and I had to feed them when I came home...and Terry had picked every green bean in the garden. You KNOW they had to be canned. THAT was the last year I canned. Terry misses the peaches...I don't miss the canning.


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