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Jan 18, 2017

Mini Wednesday

I can't believe it's 2017 and mid January already.
It's been ages since I've done a mini.
This time I chose something that means a lot to me and my small community.  I chose to make the "Firefighter's" badge or shield. 
Here where I live, it's a very rural community with 3 volunteer fire departments. Any time there's a fire one or all jump into action to save lives, homes and property.

I found an image, blew it up and retraced the parts I will be using.
Notice that everything if already backwards so when I trace the parts onto my Steam-a-Seam, iron that onto my fabric and cut the parts out, all will be right side up.
Only a few letters to trace off.

These are the pieces with will make up the Maltese Cross which is an 8-point configuration.

The helmet, I high-lighted with a black Sharpie marker.

So far, so good.

Here's the finished piece (not quilted yet). If you're wondering about some of the objects, here's a bit of trivia. The bugle behind the helmet was used in the early years to issue orders to the firefighters.  Some badges like this one show a pike pole, axe and ladder. This collection to elements are called a "scramble" and are always located in the center of the Maltese Cross.
I salute all fire departments!!!!!


Gene Black said...

I love it! So many people fail to properly appreciate our public servants.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This post sent me to you tutorials for a refresher for your technique for applique. This is a great design. Thanks for the historic info too. I am always interested in the "story".
xx, Carol

Needled Mom said...

That is fabulous and a great way to honor the men and women who serve your community.

Quilting Nonnie said...

I love your firemen's shield. My dad was a fireman. When I was little he was a fireman of a fire station. It was staffed during fire season and volunteer during the off season. I adored living right on the station lot; I have so many fun memories. Unfortunately my dad died a a result of injuries from a fire at the age of 31. I echo your sentiments: Hail to the firemen!

Anonymous said...

Another good one with words. What a nice collection these square ones will be.

Rachell said...

I love it! My husband is a firefighter, and his dad was and his brother is. His other brother is a dispatcher. Your appliqué is nice. I created a Maktese Cross like this, modifying a Dresden, cutting the curves with the Leaves Galore template by Sue Pelland, and appliquéing the Dresden and center circle on my block. I hand-embroidered the center scramble! I called it my Maltese Dresden and you can see it on my blog. Thanks for sharing!


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