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Oct 26, 2016

Mini Wednesday

Mr. Cowboy and I went fishing the other day, didn't have much luck but did hook one beauty. He got away but I was again inspired to try another mini.  I dug thru my stash and found a great spotted green.

For the gills and mouth I used an off white then detailed them with crayons and black marker.

Adding back fins and a bit more detail then pressed the bass together on my non-stick pressing sheet.

Now comes the fun part, the background. I decided to try my hand with the splash of the fish coming out of the water and also some reflections. Notice my tiny dragonfly about to be eaten!!!

Finally, I used a mottled pinkish/purple sky. I call this one done!!


Gene Black said...

Very nice, Rhonda. I feel as if I was there.

Scrap and quilts said...

This is awesome! Love the little touches like in the water and that dragonfly. GORGEOUS!! ;^)

Gari in AL said...

Looks great!

Needled Mom said...

I was wondering what it was going to be from that first photo. It turned out so well.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how you get so much detail and accuracy into such a small canvas. You are a terrific artist!

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