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Oct 20, 2016

Man Verses Beasts

You may not be able to see but this trap has three wild hogs in it. My cousin, Clark borrowed the trap from another cousin, Ed. Allow me to digress a bit. Up until last week Clark was into trapping "moles." You know those tiny, almost blind, sort of hairless burrowing creatures that make mounds in your yard!! Clark is the king of trapping them but for some unfashionable reason, he decides to get into this new venture. I advised him that wild hogs are not the docile creatures like the moles but he didn't seem to grasp that concept.
Mole mound where the little critter lurks!!

Back to the present. Three hog wind up in the trap & charged it & him. Suddenly Clark realizes the viciousness he faced. So Clark called on three cousins for help. Mind you, all four of these guys are over 65 years old. This was not going to be pretty.
Picture four slow moving guys with two pick-up trucks backed as close as possible to the trap with raging, salivating, ferrel hogs just waiting for an opening to making someone's day.
I couldn't watch.
Let's just say there was a lot of screaming (like a teenage girl), hollering, praying & profuse sweating. All coming from the guys. My back was turned & I was safe seated in my Jeep ( I'm no fool). But by some miracle no one was injured only a bit shaken & limping, the guys, I mean!!
The hogs, still quite unhappy, were driven away to a processing plant.

On a brighter note, cousin Thelma landed a 10 lb. catfish. Dinner looks promising!!


Calicojoan said...

My youngest shot a wild boar in Texas a few years back. I must say, it made the best Italian sausage I've ever eaten! LOL! They sure do have a lousy temperament don't they? :-)

diane said...

Man verses beasts. Sure happy the man won! Moles. Those dang things. We never did win the battle with them. Good old country life.

swooze said...

Girl you should have done Facebook live in that event! The hugs look quite young so I'm sure they'll be tasty. You need a cousin photo to share.

swooze said...

Good golly...on that event and the hogs look young sigh....

allthingzsewn said...

Glad it ended ok, I enjoyed the chuckle of your rendition of what happened. I would like to hear their's tomorrow after the initial shock is over. I bet it is a whopper, just like
Your dinner

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O Man! this was scarey to ME! I can't imagine 3 wild boar in a cage and not tearing it apart!! I have seen what a wild racoon can do to a cage trap so I can't image your scene with the boar. Those guys are lucky and pretty darned brave....or maybe just 3 old guys that see themselves 30 years ago when they look in the mirror, lol.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! If they were just taking them to the processing plant anyway, why didn't they just shoot them and forego the scary part? That is one HUGE catfish! She is a champeen fisherman! woman


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