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May 25, 2016

Mini Wednesday

I love this sky fabric with all those wonderful colors.

I'd sure you can already see the beginnings of a covered wagon.

It was so much fun finding a woodzy fabric in my stash.

Finding stones was easy plus I added the shadow under the wagon.

All finished except the stitching down and quilting which I'll get to sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm naming this one "Wagons Hoooo!" I remember the old western wagon masters issuing that command. 
These fabrics were enlisted for my next mini but I did change one fabric.

The witch and kitties are all cut out and ready to go.

Two trees with character look very spooky.

I'm beginning to wonder about the fence fabric. It's too distracting.

I like it even less at this point. Time to make a change.

This is much better. A very dark gray for the fence. I'm thinking this one will be named. "On a Clear Night!" But, I may change my mind before too long. This one hasn't been stitched down or quilted either. Soon!!


Gene Black said...

Good move on changing the fence fabric.
Did you freehand cut the witch, cats and trees?

allthingzsewn said...

Wagons Hoooo almost looks like a painting. Placement of shade is perfect. High Noon would be a good name too.
I feel the heat.
I agree with the second fence too. This is going to be really cute. What size is this going to be?

Angie in SoCal said...

You are amazing and your stash must be amazing too to always have just the right fabrics for your minis. Love to see them.

Gari in AL said...

Love Wagons Hoooo. My great grandfather was part of the Oklahoma land rush and drove a covered wagon to the land he homesteaded. And his great great grandson lives there now and runs the cattle ranch. Your mini made me think of all of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow is that wagon ever terrific! I love that! The Halloween scene is terrific in a completely different way. You are just so talented!

Scrapatches said...

Your wagon block is amazing. Looks like a painting ... :) Pat


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