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Mar 8, 2016


I know, you're thinking, "What does the title have to do with the photo?"
The answer is absolutely nothing.  But I will get to the point of it in a moment.
The door, I've names "To the Dungeon" (measuring 11 1/4" by 12 1/2"). It  is another in the series of my door phase. I didn't remember to take photos of the process. Sorry!
Now to "Jump"
The other day I was helping Mr. Cowboy in the pasture, pouring out range cubes, putting out mineral buckets....you know, the usual cattle stuff. I was in the back of the pick-up arranging tools for him to fix fence and I turned to jump down and thought, "Wait a minute, this is really high up!" That got me to thinking about when I was young. I would have never given a thought to jumping down from a reasonable height or running to catch a calf. But now, I'm beginning to think about my age and the damage I could do to myself and I don't want to get into an accident that could have been prevented. Can anyone relate?
In other words, I'm feeling my mortality. I look at my grand babies with all of their energy and it just tires me out...LOL!!!
So, I won't be jumping off or down from anything if I can help it and neither will Mr. Cowboy. Those calves can run off as far as they please. My view at this point is, "I'll be there when I get there!" Can I get a witness?


Jacque said...

Oh, so familiar! Haha! I did the same thing last time that Mr. Snoodles lifted me up in the Kubota front end loader to reach something tall....I waited for him to get me close to the ground before I jumped. Didn't use to, though, I'd just jump!

Gene Black said...

Yes, ma'am, I will bear witness. I am far more careful about damaging myself now that I am ol--- errrrrr More MATURE.

allthingzsewn said...

Well at least you in good company.

swooze said...


Linda said...

Amen! I can't even step down well any more, much less jump! You just keep making those amazing quilts, and let the next generation do the jumping! That will give you more energy to love on those grandbabies. 8-) Give them a kiss and a hug for me. I don't get to see my grands. They all live too far away.

xo Linda

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is kinda funny. I can relate to the fore thought before the jump, but I still don't think about stuff like that much. I have to remind myself that I'm not as young as I used to be...no longer that limber. But on another level...I have misplaced my fear to try new things. Yep, it went right out that open window! I have a new found freedom in my older age.

BTW...love the door. I actually do love doors and I like this Gothic looking door. I'm imagining it to be the door to a castle and wish I could see on the other side.

You live in a wonderfully creative world.

desertskyquilts said...

Amen. Preaching to the choir here. I feel SO much more fragile than I did even five years ago, and I'm so aware of it all the time. No jumping down here! I do still climb ladders, but I hold on a lot tighter, and I DON'T stand on the top two steps!

Love your door. It definitely has an old-world feel to it.


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