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Mar 13, 2016

First Kill - Masticophis flagellum

Warning, if you're afraid of things that slither, don't go any further! Stop now & turn away!!!
Yesterday Cowboy was opening the gate at the cattle guard when out of the corner of his eye he saw something long & black very near him. 
I'm sure you've guessed by now what critter it was. A snake & not a very friendly one either. It was, what we Texan call, a black runner.

Normally, Cowboy doesn't like to kill them because "they are one of nature's way to keep mice, rabbits, birds, etc. under control, among other critters," so lectures Mr. Cowboy (eye rolling and long suffering sigh)

Unlike me, the huntress,

whose motto is "the only good snake is a dead snake!"
Notice, I'm dressed with all the proper gear; safari hat (optional but makes me look good), gloves, calf boots and of course the old  trusty shotgun. Anyway back to the scary moment. Mr. Cowboy tried to ignore and then shoo the snake away but it just kept coming so he dispatched the snake with little fuss as I was nearly screaming my lungs out in panic because this thing is fast but not venomous. Did that matter to me? Nope! Refer to motto!!
So, it you live in snake country, please be aware that with all this warm weather so early, the snakes are roaming.
Be safe!!


Jacque said...

I'm with you....it's wakey time here in our pastures and sheds, and if I see one, he's a goner! LOL Love your hunting outfit!

Sandra :) said...

A proper huntress - prepared for ANYthing, and stylin' the whole time - love it :D

Carol S. said...

I'm so impressed with your hunting outfit and bravery. Yikes! I'd be screaming my head off!

lefuntz said...

I have a rosy boa. She was a school pet for over 25 years. Very gentle, held by many kids and a great teacher about snakes. We have had lots of snakes out early because of warm weather. Mostly rattlers. I leave snakes in the wild alone. In my yard they are not welcome though a king snake can stay if he is not aggressive because he will keep out the rattlers. Snakes don't want to mess with us as a rule. But that poor runner didn't know better. Too bad so sad. Cowboy has it right. There are snakes to leave alone and snakes that have to go.Sierra is the only snake I touch and has done a great job over the years though she was just being a snake. I love your outfit. But please... Sierra is off limits.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! That picture is GREAT!! I NEVER saw a snake I liked. Of course, I live in Northern Indiana and we have plenty of other stuff to catch mice and other such critters. Feral cats love them! Great post!!
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cowboy should be grateful that he has you to protect him with your motto and your huntress gear!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh. I don't mind snakes, though I do stay away from rattlers and other venomous ones, but anything that runs at me quickly is not a favorite of mine!

Calicojoan said...

I hate those slithery things...but LOVE your gear. Yes, I think everyone needs to dress like that in snake country. I look like an idiot going for a walk dressed like that, but better safe than sorry! hahahahahahahahahaha

Renee said...

I am equally fascinated and repulsed by snakes. Running into one outside would likely result in a loud shriek and have me wishing I were as well prepared as you are in your photo! (This reminds me of being a child in Oklahoma. My sister and I were exploring near a lake while my mom was fishing. We found a giant goldfish (we later learned it was a carp) near the water. My sister pushed it with a stick and we saw lots of baby snakes (likely water moccasins, as we saw several of those in the water while we were on the dock with our mom.) I'm soooo thankful the momma snake was not around while we were there. That ended our explorations that afternoon! (Still gives me the shivers!)


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