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Jan 20, 2016

Sneak Peek Revealed

This past November I posted about a project that is due in February. I mentioned a Hereford Bull we named Curly. Above is the finished top measuring 72" by 98."
As always, I had a blast making each block. I decided to title it "Way Back Then" because most of the blocks depicted, my mom told me about. This is from my family's history. Below are close-ups of the blocks.

Now to get it quilted in a timely manner......sigh.....cross your fingers everyone!!!


diane said...

Enjoyed seeing your way back project. You are so good at designing your own blocks.
I have something like this to do of my own but since it's not a project that has a due date it may never get started! It's a good intention on my part.
I's sure like to hear more about your quilt.

Gene Black said...

Great job. I really love the Saddle Horse and Old Home Place blocks.

Miz Karen said...

Love it. Very familiar as I grew up on a farm with lots of those images you put on your quilt.

allthingzsewn said...

This lovely quilt sure brings back some memories. Great job.

Needled Mom said...

Those are amazing blocks and hold such great memories.

Angie in SoCal said...

As usual great blocks, Rhonda. Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get that quilt top quilted. Best!

Barb said...

That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!

Guilitta said...

I can only admire again and again what a work of art created them again and again! This is something I would never manage! Exciting I also look back!

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