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Jan 11, 2016

Cutie & More

Look at this little cutie! I've named him Coco. Mr. Cowboy has promised not to sell him or move him to a different pasture without consulting me first. We all remember what happened to Buzzard Bait, who, BTW, is now a proud mama cow but owned by someone else, but I digress!! This little guy is a couple of weeks old and was looking for his mommy who was stuffing her face on range cubes a distance away. Coco was not very happy with her one bit.
Next...... I got a package in the mail......the mail lady was nearly as excited as I was!
Look at all the goodies I got from England Designs. I look that online place.
Roughly 30 years ago I purchased this ruler from the Nancy Zieman store (Nancy's Notions) in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. It has been one of the best buys of my sewing experience.
At this point it's helping eliminate some of my stash. I'm working on a scrappy spider's web. This will probably take some time because I'm also working on several mini pieces as well.

I hope everyone has a great week!!


Homemother said...

Coco is soooo cute! Mr. Cowboy is a good man! So thoughtful! Lol I would be excited to receive your package, too. Love those goodies!

Chantal L. said...

Coco is so cute. I love pictures of baby farm animals.
Lots of great goodies in that package. Enjoy! ;^)

Holee said...

He's just too cute! Makes you want to wrap your arms around his cubby furry body. I want to crawl into a hay stack and take a nap with him!

lefuntz said...

It's so good to hear that BB is now a mama and doing well even if it is somewhere else. I'm looking forward to following Coco's adventures. Such a cutie!


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